Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pictures Tell The Story

Who wears it better?

Dream outfit.

We like bellies.

You got a baby in there?

And so forth. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. AW! Lovely shopping trip, thanks for sharing. Made me smile.

    Baby girls' clothes are just the best.

  2. Awwww. So lovely! Thanks for the smile today :)

  3. such great photos! and of course Jessie *wears* it better!!!!!!! If I didn't *know* she was having a boy I would think it was a girl! The perfect basketball baby belly that in my experiences *predicting* sex, would portend a baby girl! Lily looks positively radiant as well. The love just grows in your family and it makes me smile
    Susan M

  4. Jo- You are welcome!

    Angella- When I get out of the way of it, it surely is.

    jenny_o- It's like honey around here.

    Mel- I am so glad to give you a smile!

    Lora- You have all of this to look forward to- one day!

    Susan M- I just think my pregnant daughters are the prettiest things ever. Especially together. There is just something so precious about it.

  5. They are the cutest -- like butter on a stick as my Alabama college friend Sybil used to say.

  6. I just posted on my blog about my friend Marla, who is expecting a baby in February. She's only 18 weeks along and just has the tiniest little bit of swelling in the middle...if I didn't know she was pregnant I wouldn't notice at all yet. :)

    Both of your girls look radiant!


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