Monday, September 28, 2015

Her BELLY Is A Super Moon

Still drizzling and if the moon turned red last night and disappeared, it did so modestly behind cloud curtains.
I don't know about Jessie but I am READY for that baby to get here.
I am also ready to go insane if my dreams don't get a little less hectic. I think I dream EVERYTHING every night. House dreams, travel dreams, being in school dreams, losing things dreams, losing people dreams. It's like stepping into another world of chaos and loss every fucking night.
And yet, for some bizarre reason, I still love to sleep.
This says something about me that I'm not sure I should admit to.
BUT, here it is, Monday morning and I stole these pictures off of Facebook just now.

Jessie just texted me that she had a few uncomfortable cramps last night but then nothing although she did find Vergil working in the garage on a project and listening to country music at 3:00 so at least the moon had an effect on someone. 

Lon and Lis are staying with us tonight and tomorrow and I am glad for that. 
I'll see my boys this afternoon and that will be good too. 

And that's it. I am sure that vast energies are at work but meanwhile, we wait. 

And sometimes, as Tom Petty so eloquently said, the waiting is the hardest part. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This baby will be a Libra. I just read that Libra's are "easygoing to the point of inertia". Though I don't hold a great store by astrology I thought this may give you a smile.

    Soon! :-)

  2. For some reason, I think tomorrow will be the day. Let's all start taking bets on when the baby will come! :)

  3. Jessie is a May baby, like me. And she will have a Libra son. However my Libra son never stops moving, so no inertia there.

  4. All sorts of goodness going on. Visitors and babies. Can't wait for that baby!

  5. We had a wild sea and no visible moon, like you. My Ayla is a Libra and is possibly the least easygoing person I know. She is, however, highly attuned to matters of equality and justice.

    Oh, the waiting. Those last days of pregnancy seem endless at the time.

  6. Those pictures are precious! Wouldn't it be amazing if the baby was born when Lis and Lon were here? Wasn't Lis here for Jessie's birth?

  7. My son was born after a big thunderstorm. One of the nurses said that the storm shakes things loose.
    One daughter was born on the full moon.
    Seems like it could be time.
    Bask in the love and joy.

  8. I completely missed the eclipse. Got the times wrong and saw only a bright and inscrutable silver moon. Though my kid was born during a full moon, contractions didn't start until I sat down and meditated next to the bottle of castor oil the midwife recommended, which after twenty minutes I realized I didn't need to drink. May the waiting be peaceful.

  9. Jessie just looks like the most beautiful earth mama/woman ever --

  10. Oh, I hope the baby comes while L&L are there...and glad the baby will be a Libra, like John Lennon!!!

  11. Oops that last comment was lulumarie, not L&L...Lis must have left her identity on my computer when she was here last week!!! Love to you all and best wishes for a most beautiful birth! I've been having trouble commenting on your blog so I'm glad Lis left her identity here...I'll try to fix it after this if I can!

  12. LOL -- I laughed at Birdie's comment. This does seem to be an easygoing baby.

  13. waitning is always the hardest part. and both my parents were Libras and I wouldn't have called either one of them easygoing.

  14. I am sure the moon tides are pulling on the amnionic fluid. Our bodies certainly are affected by the moon. Seven foot tidal amplitude here this week. Downtown is partially flooded.


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