Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moon Dance, Even If We Can't See It

Dress all stitched up. Jessie and Lily missed the movie and watched one at Jessie's house instead. Mr. Moon and Vergil are out in a deer stand. Sky is quite possibly too overcast for us to see this crazy moon. Curried squash soup warming in a pot on the simmer plate. I've been watching "Call The Midwife" all afternoon and am now trying to roll cotton yarn into a ball.
Mer needs something to knit when a labor begins. Doesn't even matter what she knits- it's just busy fingers, calm mind.
It's a theory, okay?
You know me and my theories.

I guess I'll go shut those chickens up for bed.

I have a very strong feeling that this is the week our lives are going to shift to welcome a new wee babe.

I can't even begin to tell you what I am feeling.

All of it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Way up here...waiting and waiting for that wonderful moon to happen and your wee special babe to be born. Clear skies and crisp night air taking place right now, so I shall send wonderful white light to wash over you and yours a few minutes from now. X

  2. OK Here in the UK the sky is clear and that moon is half way red. All the boys in bed. Just me the Moon Stuck Crone by a fire under the sky witnessing this magical moon. Suddenly thought of you and that soon to be born American boy. He will be born into such magic as he comes in to your amazing family whenever he comes. Now who was it said. "Have a little faith there is magic in the night....." And oh yes we aren't so young anymore I know but tis the young strong gals that are doing the pushing not us crones my friend. Peace n love to you and yours from across the pond on this Moon Magic night. This is a first for me typing in moon and firelight. Cannot recommend it! Moon getting very red now so will get gone and wonder at it. Love from this crazy batty old bint. UK Section. There is a US one. Info to folllow, Maggi xxxx

  3. Did you find your simmer mats or did you get new ones? If you found them, where were they? I know, incredibly nosey!

  4. ohh.......curried squash soup (for you) and balling up yarn......full moon......... baby will come soon. Glad the popcorn and candy did not happen for Jessie! Spicy Sczechwan (sp) food and a long walk on the beach carried 3 of my friends into labor.......... . Baby will come very soon. Everyone is ready! Love to all and look forward to joyful news thereof
    Susan M

  5. You know what? I have traveled a long way from home to see the Northern Lights/Aurora Borelis. We were really, really hoping to see the red moon as well. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my list of things to see before I die. Some things are not to be I guess because most of western Canada doesn't have a cloud in the sky. Where we are staying? Totally clouded over!
    Oh, well. There is still tomorrow night. There won't be a red moon but maybe the clouds will blow away to see the Northern Lights.
    I am laughing at Alison's comment because I am wondering if they have turned up since the last time I asked. I know you have new ones but it is maddening to not know what happened to them. I guess is is a mystery like the Shroud of Turin and DB Cooper.

  6.'s Bruce springsteen's 'Thunder Road' and it goes;

    "Show a little faith
    There's magic in the night
    You ain't a beauty but hey, you're alright
    And that's alright with me".

    Good song. X
    Great moon.

  7. Yes, that shift in our lives, the thing that divides time into before and after. Sometimes it is a negative event but a baby is one of the positive ones!

  8. I just feel your heart is full . Ooh the wait though! Seems like a heightened state waiting for the news that baby is on the way xxx

  9. It's an exciting time! Isn't it kind of a bad time for Vergil to be out in a deer stand, though? What if things start...happening?

  10. It would have been nice for Jessie and her son to watch the next blood moon together in 2033, when he's 18, knowing he was born during this one. I'm sure he'll have an equally wonderful birthday, whenever it is.

  11. It sounds like an exciting week. Sending good thoughts to Jessie.


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