Thursday, September 3, 2015

Well, My Feet Appreciate The Effort

Well, I finally got my mojo working and managed to mop three rooms and the hallway. Oh wait. Should I include the extremely small bathroom and laundry room? Sure, why not? So I mopped five rooms and a hallway.
And hung all the clothes out and then had to bring them in before they were dry due to rain and blah, blah, blah.
Before you get all up and congratulate me or anything, please note that I did very little desperately needed dusting and what I did was hardly what you'd call "dusting" but more like "spreading Lloyd greasy black dust around."
Whatever. It smells really good. If you like the scent of Fabuloso, vinegar, and bleach.
Which I do.
I also smell like those things now which I'm not sure is what every husband wants his wife to smell like when he gets home from a long day of work but hopefully the smell of venison meatloaf and apple/blueberry cobbler will distract him from that.
Yes. Yes I do live in the fifties and don't you wish you did too?
Oh wait. You don't? Well, please take into account that I wear ugly overalls 99% of the time and he never complains and he makes MY martinis.

So. Favorite quote of the day:

Federal District Court Judge Bunning on hearing that so-called Christian woman (or as I call her, pawn of the devil) who refuses to issue marriage licenses because God told her not to because it is now the law that HOMOSEXUALS can legally and constitutionally be married, would also not authorize her deputies to issue the legal licenses, said:

"Okay. Jail it is."

Bless her heart.

And dear Jo of Infantasia shared this on Facebook with me.

Sure. It's over seven minutes long. So what? You got something better to do than watching Bruce Springsteen dance with his mama?

Love you whether you watch it or not.
Ms. Moon


  1. I was so glad to watch the whole song - I considered skipping ahead ad then I couldn't do it an it added to my day. Could that song ever get old? He's such a fine, fine man.

  2. Dear Freakin God. I enjoyed that clip more than is legal. Thank you, Ms Moon!

  3. well, you have to give her credit for standing behind her principles and going to jail. too bad she doesn't live by them herself (what with all her marriages and having kids by a different man than her husband at the time) instead of trying to force other people to live by them.

  4. As a former right-wing church-goer I can tell you that she is pleased as piss at going to jail. And so are all her "brother and sister's in the Lord". Because they live for this kind of shit. She is so 100% convinced that she is right she is willing and quite happy to go to jail. This is her way of pleasing God.
    And God forgive me for ever being like her.

  5. The judge did good.

    So did Bruce :)

  6. hahaha - is it just me? - I just read both of these post's like likety split fast. They seemed like a stream of consciousness that had to be read that way....are you high? Cus if you are then I want to be like that too...hahaha

  7. Well, I watched every single minute and enjoyed it immensely. There's really no one like him -- honestly, I feel hot and bothered when I see him strike that guitar with his right arm.

  8. I'm going to save that clip for after I collect the kids.
    I don't understand people like that license woman. Off her rocker she is.

  9. The scary thing about that court clerk is she's not alone! Apparently there are FOUR clerks in Kentucky who won't grant licenses, and who knows how many in other states. I don't know why the governor doesn't just remove her from office. Surely he has that power.

  10. this post totally made my day, I smell the clean and rocked out and as for that demented clerk, I am sure she will try to cash in on this one.

  11. That video must be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    Once I read someone's tweet that said something like "Springsteen's I'm On Fire is seven minutes long because if it were any longer we'd all be pregnant by the end of it." Indeed.

  12. The court clerk seems surreal. A kind of Joan of Arc personage. I guess I don't understand the fanaticism and those who are literal Bible believers. Trump is one according to him. Makes me skeptical of the whole thing. The Bible seemed like more of a fairy tale to me when I was growing up. Too many things just didn't add up.


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