Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's His Birthday

Do you remember this?

The day my daughter Lily was made a mama by baby Owen. 
Six years ago today. 
I'll never forget that day (and the long night before it) and how strong and brave Lily was, how steadfast and strong her husband was. How joyful we were when that beautiful child arrived and how proud I was of this brand new family.

And that was just the beginning. 

Wow. Six years. 
I just talked to Owen on the phone. He is so very, very excited. He's going zip-lining and he told me that his mother stayed up almost all night making his birthday cake which is probably true because she didn't get home from work until after nine. 
"She must love you very, very much," I said. 
"Yes, she does," he said. 
It was a mushy conversation with tears and talk of much love on my part. 
What a fine six-year old he is! 

And now I'm going to make his mama her birthday cake. Owen, when he speaks to me of his mother, often refers to her as "your child." As in, "Mer, do you know what your child did?"
So yes, I am making my child a birthday cake. 
Mr. Moon has taken the mower over to our child's new house to mow for the party and so it's just me and the chickens and Maurice here this morning. 
Can I say something? I spoke way too soon about how this cat ignores me.

First off, she has retrained Mr. Moon to open the door of our room to the little side porch to let her in. Last night when she came in, she went insane. She came to me and kneaded and kneaded and kneaded the pillow beside me and then butted her head up into my hand and KISSED ME ON THE MOUTH REPEATEDLY and even tried to nibble my chin. 
It was sort of scary. 
A few times, she grabbed my hand and bit, only breaking the skin once, but with such restrained force that all I could do was visualize a squirrel's head crushing beneath her jaws. 
It was seriously disturbing. 

Is it the full moon coming? Has she gone insane? I have no idea. But I am pretty sure that no, I do not want another cat and quite frankly, I'm not even sure I want this one. 
Just kidding. Sort of. 

All right. Off to make a cake. 

It's a birthday weekend and joyful celebration shall now ensue. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think all cats have some crazy in them. My Clarice does that head butting into my hand thing. I call it hand rape, she's definitely trying to force herself upon me. Happiest of birthdays to Owen, such a good and sweet soul and his mamma too. Much love

  2. I truly love every visit to your precious blog, Ms Moon ;) You are an incredibly gifted writer! Words fail me every time, but I really do want you to know I visit regularly and always leave feeling enriched.

  3. Happy birthday to all the beautiful babies.

  4. I am getting wifi in some small town coffee shop in the middle of nowhere and smiling away at Owen and his mama and that cat.

  5. Love all of this, especially the "your child" talk and the mushy conversation. Sometimes Riley bites me like Maurice bit you. Not exactly sometimes. Like nearly every day. She nibbled my cheek for the first time last week. Lately she's been trying to kiss me (or bite me) on the mouth, but I won''t allow it. The intensity and biting IS scary. I've never known a cat to do these things, so I'm relieved to hear this about Maurice, and I understand your feelings exactly. Love to Owen. Such fun to watch these boys grow.

  6. I find Remy will insist on sleeping with whoever is sick, hurt or upset, in short, whoever needs him most in his capacity of official cuddle-cat. The biting thing is a bit much. I just tell him I love him too and I would bite him too if I could. He seems satisfied with that.


  7. Happy birthday to everyone over there! Wouldn't that be weird if Jessie had her baby today or tonight?

  8. Happy Birthday to everyone, especially young Owen!

  9. Happy Birthday to your child and Owen. Maurice must of have heard you Mary x

  10. Awwww. I still remember that sweet water baby birth. I feel like Owen belongs to all of us. Happy birthday to that sweet boy. And happy grandmaversary to you.

  11. She broke the skin?! OK, that's a little extreme. I think I'd draw the line at that point. But she IS just expressing affection, after all.

    (Maurice, I'm talking about here, in case that wasn't clear.)

  12. loving the torn up playroom.

    now that's LIVING

    looking forward to babywatch news...


  13. Happy Birthday to Owen. It seems that he has grown up so fast. Amazing to be six.


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