Monday, September 28, 2015

The Mysteries Of Nature

I got to meet Lily and Jason's across the street neighbors today. They are self-proclaimed "hippie-artists."
This balances things out because the neighbors on the other side are definitely neither.
Anyway, these neighbors brought over a lovely mum and a card and told us that there are Jaguarundis in the surrounding woods there.
This is odd.
Of course, I've looked them up and some do say that there is a population of this South American cat in Florida. 

Also, bobcats and coyotes but Jason and Lily had coyotes in town. 
I have no idea about the actual presence of the Jaguarundi in Florida. I know that once while I was walking, I saw something that looked very much like a cat but it did not have a bob-tail and I convinced myself it was a fox (which is sometimes mistaken for the cat) although it did not have a very foxy tail. 
Well, I know there is nature and plenty of it around that house. A few hundred yards down the dirt road I saw this.

Without a doubt, the biggest oak snake I've ever seen. At least five or six feet long. 

Whole lotta nature going on there. If they ever decide to keep chickens, they are going to have to keep them cooped up well. 

And so it goes. Lon and Lis will be here soon and I am looking forward to that a great deal. Lis and I shall make a supper together and all will be well. And I am just...waiting.

I think that I'll go unravel some more yarn and watch another episode of "Call The Midwife."
It would seem that this is about all I am capable of these days. 

Talk to you tomorrow.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Birthdays, new houses, impending birth days, a whole lot going on in your world right now! I watch in awe.

  2. Since it's a Jaguar-something-or-other, I assume it's not a friendly cat. As for the snake, I'd have run screaming for miles if I'd seen that. As I tell people...if I'm running, it's because of one of two things: something's chasing me or I've seen a snake.

  3. I love the thought of you, unraveling yarn. That seems really meditative. Now if you could only do that to your dreams.

  4. Jaguarundis in the wild in Florida? I've NEVER heard that. But I guess I wouldn't be surprised.

  5. Hello--I'm a new follower of your blog. 'Have a feeling I'll love it. :) The photo at the top is so vibrant.

    More when I have a chance to read and write more--'Happy to meet you,


  6. aaahh..... am truly scared now, feet up on the sofa just incase!!x

  7. that oak snake is a beauty. it's been a very tame year out here this year. only had one snake encounter (not me but the husband) and one little possum. haven't even seen the wild rabbits that live in the wild space. I see their poop though.

  8. I don't think I've ever heard of a Jaguarundi. I hope they eat snakes...

    I'd imagine they stay well away from people. Cool, though. Do people worry about coyotes and little kids and pets? Or do they stay well out of the way too?

  9. Me too. Being terribly lazy today.

  10. Wondering how Ms Lily is going to handle all this "nature"!! Too much. Sounds like a grand adventure.


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