Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Weather Breaks

It is cool this morning and I have the doors open to let the air and light into the house. Fall's sweet first kiss is upon us.

The sky is that shade of blue. That washed-five-hundred-times Levi's shade of blue. Paul Newman's eyes shade of blue. 

The pinecone lilies are turning red.

The crickets are singing leisurely, languidly. 

I am here and have eaten two fresh eggs and might defrost the tiny refrigerator I keep in my kitchen where I store grains and beans and so forth so that the critters don't get in them. I can barely close it now and have been planning to do this for a month at least. Today may be the day. 

Whatever I do today, I am going to do it in the style of the crickets. Leisurely. Languidly. I feel bereft of energy, of the desire to do anything at all, to be honest. 

Like the chickens, dappled and drowsy and ready for sleep.
Although not especially feeling groovy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh my gosh! Pine cone lilies, I've never seen such a site. That looks magical. Enjoy your day of crickethood. xoxox

  2. Your house must be absolutely incredible. That picture of your entry way is so beautifully southern.

    Leisurely, languidly - sounds so restful - enjoy.

  3. The pinecone lilies are incredible - they look like they were made to be in your header pic.

  4. I did a similar post today though not nearly as poetic as yours. this morning it was undeniably cool out. my doors are open as well. still too hot now at mid-day to do much in the sun, but this morning was delicious.

  5. The first cooler weather of the fall gives me so much more energy. I worked steadily all day today and feel like I could keep going all night. In the heat of the summer I am a slug.

  6. I love the picture of the sun-dappled chickens. I bet they DO feel groovy.

  7. The line ones turn red?! How glorious!!!

  8. Betsy- There are many wonders here in North Florida. As there everywhere. We just have to take the time to see them.

    liv- There is definitely a grace here. I was talking to Owen the other day and realized that my house is old enough that Abe Lincoln could have visited here. Of course he didn't but still...
    That's pretty amazing.

    Jo- That could happen.

    Ellen Abbott- Isn't it just wonderful, this break in the heat?

    jenny_o- We don't need nearly as much energy just to survive when it's not as hot. That's so true.

    Steve Reed- I hope so! They do love their shade-naps.

    heartinhand- Oh yes! I will be cutting some to bring in the house soon. And they are full of water. They're heavy and amazing.

  9. Yes, fall is coming here too. It was 59 here this morning.


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