Friday, September 4, 2015

Not In The Mood To Talk

But this. 
This makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Dear Mary, that is a wonderful photograph. I think you should blow it up large and frame it and give Lily a copy too. That photograph is art.

  2. This is so gorgeous. You are. And so are your grandchildren. I love the length of the shadows here they are signs of good fortune. xo

  3. Amazing photo! And somehow it shows just how big those boys are getting. Is it that we don't see them head to toe most of the time? Yep, kids have a way of getting us outside our immediate needs, don't they? Have a great day, Ms Moon-and-grandsons.

  4. Sometimes, some days I have only been able to talk to my kids, or my animals, anyone else would have been too much. Hugs.

  5. I'm often not in the mood to talk. it's why I prefer email and texting though sometimes, for brevity and clarity, I have to *gasp* actually talk to a human.

  6. My wish for those boys that they will always know that they have a hand to hold onto in each other. What a gift.

  7. What a wonderful photo -- I love the black and white, the perspective, the long shadows. Just beautiful.

    And I'm with you on the not talking thing. What's in the air?

  8. Dancing. Butterflies. Clean floors. Blog posts.
    You are very industrious. Thanks for giving me something to read while I hermit on my couch.

  9. Angella- Lily took it herself! Isn't it amazing?

    Rebecca- They are gorgeous, that's for sure. Those hands holding tight...

    jenny_o- Owen is shooting up so fast and Gibson is getting bigger every day too. He tells me that he is growing up. But he still likes to be held like my baby.

    Big Mamabird- I know. Same here.

    Ellen Abbott- Ugh. I know. Me too.

    Birdie- Exactly. And soon, another to hold hands with.

    Elizabeth- No idea but it sure is.

    Denise- That's exactly what I feel like doing today.


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