Wednesday, September 9, 2015

There Should Always Be Good News Along With The Bad

I'm back in the I-don't-understand-this-world state of mind.
Oh, hell. I'm just tired and my joints hurt and I probably need to eat some kale or drink some green tea or do some yoga or something.
But no, I'll just go to bed and as always, accept and welcome the ecstasy that brings me, the lying down on the very comfortable bed, the clean sheets enveloping me, my light, my book, maybe my cat eventually sometime in the night, same with my husband who is back out in the garage working on deer blinds.

The appointment went quite well. We saw the nurse practitioner because otherwise we would have been waiting for hours and all the labs were pretty darn good. My husband is a healthy man and thank god for that, except of course, for this muscle and nerve loss.
They think is probably a genetic neuromuscular thing which is not uncommon and it's not going to kill him or even shorten his life and so hurray and hurrah and we shall be going to the geneticist soon to get that confirmed and yes, I am so glad that this is "all" it is and he is vastly relieved and yes, is out in that garage, building things with wood and saws and hammers and nails and so why am I sitting here falling apart and weeping a bit?

Just tired. Truly just tired. Relief is in there too. And of course, a bit of the crash.

I spent twenty minutes of my day waiting to talk to someone from our internet service provider who, when I finally got him on the phone and explained my problem (our router is very old and we need a new one), suggested that because the service provider no longer provides routers as part of their service but, instead, RENTS them by the month (as a part of their service, obviously) we might just want to go to Walmart or Best Buy and purchase a new one for $55 which is a bargain, really, when you compare it to the rental fee.
Thank you, Mr. Tech support. SIR! For that fucking great helpful advice.

Here's another thing that happened today:
I went to pick up Owen at school and when he got in the car he said, "Mer, I have good news and bad news."
"What's the bad news?" I asked him.
"I got a crayon stuck in my ear today."
"Oh no! Well, what's the good news?" And of course I thought the good news would be that he got the crayon out of his ear but no. 
"Well, actually, there is no good news," he said.
"It's still in there?"
"Does it hurt?"
"Only when I try to get it out."
"Did you tell your teacher?"
"What color was it?"
And then I had to drop the boys off with their mother and race to the appointment and Lily texted me that they were in Urgent Care and they did eventually get the crayon (just a tip) out of his ear and it was up tight next to his ear drum and BOYS! Well, I know girls do things like this too but it seems to me that boys are far more apt to be sticking things into head-orifices where they do not belong. Remember when Gibson stuck a peanut up his nose and even the doctor couldn't find it and he sneezed it out about three months later and it was green? He even suggested that Owen sneeze the crayon out but I tried to explain it wouldn't work that way with ears.
Owen and I had a long discussion on the phone after we all got out of our various doctors' offices about how humans are just very curious creatures and unfortunately, we often learn what not to do by doing things and then finding out it was not a good idea.
Whereupon we learn in a way in which we do not forget and that's just part of being human.
He understood. And hopefully, he will remember. At least not to stick a crayon tip in his ear.

All right. One more thing. The reason I WILL be getting Netflix post haste.

Oh Keith! My spirit totem animal.
"You're never grown up," he says at the end of this little trailer.
He's right, you know. We aren't. Not really. We just pile up a hell of a lot of experiences, some of which we learn from, some of which we never learn a damn thing from.
And some of them are mighty fine.

Let's all sleep real well tonight, okay?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Owen. What a sweet and bless-ed child. He and Gibson bring so much joy to your readers. I am sorry that he got a crayon stuck in his ear but the whole "bad news with no good news" is just so sweet. And he didn't even tell his teacher. Aww!

    No. I am not grown up. Instead I am just silly and shuffling along in grown up shoes. And I hope I sleep tonight because even though my soul is not brown up my body is.

  2. I do think being tired is the number one just is. I have been taking care of my grand nephew (now one year old) 4 days a week for the last ten months and every day I end with "there is a reason why you have children when you are young". Yet I love that little one with all my heart (I used to take care of his mommy (my my daughter) when she was a baby) and I am absolutely positively not going to see him go to day care!...And I climb into bed grateful each night and my husband is leaving for elk hunting tomorrow and all is good! because really what else matters....

  3. Sleep well, Mary.
    I hope I do too.
    Growing up is optional. I prefer to stay young and frolicky at heart. Unless life is biting me on the ass. Lol!
    Crayon in the ear. Oh my.

  4. Reminds me of something I saw today (on the internet, where else?): "I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure." Yeah, sometimes we do that. And sometimes it only takes once. Let's hope it's once for putting things in ears. Very smart of Gibson to remember the doctor's advice and suggest it to Owen. Even if it did not apply in this case.

    Good news on the Mr. Moon front! No wonder you cried a little with relief. Hope the diagnosis is confirmed and you can get back to worrying about other things instead.

  5. Dear Mary, good news about the nerve thing; of course you cried. All that action and worry and then the sweet relief of knowing its going to be ok. Glad the boys are no worse for wear too. Rest, sweet woman. You earned it. Love you.

  6. I'd stay in bed all the day long, especially with your sun-dried white sheets and a good man in the workshop making deer blinds. And I agree with Angella that the relief of the "good news," combined with just all the uncertainty of the "diagnosis" and an upcoming visit to a geneticist are worthy of tears. Like Owen says, the good news and the bad news. And I just love that boy -- he is the bee's knees.

  7. I hope you have a great sleep with lovely dreams .

  8. Truths: We are never grown up. We weep with relief. Love can knock us over. We shouldn't put crayons in our ears. Your blog makes me weep with relief.

  9. Ha! I must say I never stuck anything irretrievably up my nose or in my ear, but I certainly had friends who did.

    I'm glad Mr. Moon is going to be OK, though that still sounds disconcerting -- nerve and muscle loss. Yikes. Although all of us lose nerve and muscle as we age, don't we?

    Seeing that Keith Richards link reminds me that I still need to go see that Stones exhibit at the Saatchi gallery. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet! I hope it's still on!

  10. well, none of my kids or grandkids have ever gotten anything stuck in an orifice because they put it in there, however, when my son was a teenager, a roach crawled in his ear while he was asleep. he woke me up because it was dancing on his ear drum. I didn't know what to do since it didn't crawl out towards the light when I put a flashlight up to his ear so I put rubbing alcohol in his ear thinking it would float out. well it didn't but it did beat the hell out of his ear drum in it's death throes. now he had a dead roach in his ear. the ENT used a little vacuum thingy the next day to extract it.

  11. I'm glad they got the crayon out :)

    Yay, Netflix! When you get it, add the series Grace and Frankie to your list of things to watch.

  12. So very glad about Mr. Moon too. My brain is short on attention.

  13. Birdie- Hell, I don't even wear grown-up shoes. I swear.

    Aint For City Gals- I admire you for taking care of your grand niece so faithfully. I know for sure what a difficult and tiring job it can be.

    Heartinhand- Do we even have a CHOICE about growing up? I'm not sure.
    Thank you, darling.

    jenny_o- For me it's probably more like five or six thousand times. Sigh...

    Angella- I don't feel like I slept well at all last night even though I slept for nine hours. I think I want to crawl back in bed and try again.

    Elizabeth- See above. And Owen is the bee's knees. He is so dear and smart and I love that I can talk with him and not shame him or make him feel belittled. I try so hard to be respectful of my grandchildren's minds, which though young minds, are so very, very complex. And their hearts are so very, very tender.

    Leisha- Dreams sucked. SUCKED!

    Denise- You just made me cry again. I'm serious. Thank you.

    Steve Reed- You were a remarkable child, I have no doubt. You are now a remarkable man. I wish you'd visit again.
    This is a lot more than normal aging muscle and nerve loss but as long as I know it's not going to kill him, I feel better about it.
    No! You haven't missed the exhibition. I don't think it starts until next year.

    Ellen Abbott- Oh my god. I know other kids this has happened to. And adults. What a world, huh? The NP who was seeing us yesterday said that one time one of her kids was getting a physical and the doctor found a tiny little toy soldier in the child's ear and no one knew it had been there. "Looks like a war is going on in here," she said when she pulled it out.

    Stephanie- I most definitely WILL! Thank you!

  14. Whew! A lot going on. Glad Mr. Moon is okay. It is a wonder sometimes that we guys survive. We do so many stupid things.

  15. Oh that Owen story made me laugh. Once I was babysitting a boy who came to me and told me he'd stuck a Red Hot up his nose. I told him to plug the other nostril and blow and the Red Hot shot out, luckily. Another boy we knew stuck peas up his nose and nobody knew until there was a smell. But none of that compares to being an ER nurse, I hear they have to remove things adults have lost in . . . other . . . orifices.

    It makes perfect sense to me that you would cry after that good news!

  16. "You're NEVER grown up." I cannot tell you what a relief that is to hear.

  17. I won't even attempt to fix my typo. Damn auto-correct.

  18. This is good news about Mr Moon. I'm so glad Owen told you about the crayon, even if there wasn't good news.

    Tell him my father was on holiday in his fifties, never mind being five, and he was scratching inside his ear with the end of his biro while doing the crossword and the tip of the pen came off in his ear, and when he tried to get it out he just pushed it in further - so he had to go to the doctor, and she was a sexy French lady doctor and he felt completely stupid for having a bit of pen stuck in his ear and not like a grown up lawyer at all.

    And she got it out, and he went home in chagrin.

    And then the next day, it happened again...

    I never heard the end of the peanut story, glad to hear it got sneezed out!

  19. Ha! And I did sleep well because anxiety will do that to you. :-)


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