Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sometimes I Think I Should Just Never Stop Walking

Say what you will about anxiety, it sure can fuel a proper walk.
I pass one place that is covered in wild morning glories of some sort and today the sulfur butterflies were darting and feeding there in great numbers. I took a little video but I'm not even going to bother to post it. I know it wouldn't truly show what I see there.
I don't know what I'd do without my walks. Even on the days when my anxiety is so high that I am disassociating with the best of my ability, I know that the woods and the flowers and the creatures and the movement and the sky and the water all help to soothe me. To ease things, to bring me back to earth, to calm my soul.

Back to town today to do a little bit of child care and then to an appointment with Mr. Moon to find out the results of those many, many tests he gave blood for a few weeks ago. I am thinking we might just have to go get supper after that. The appointment is for four and if they are scheduled like they usually are in that office, we won't get out of there until after six. Thankfully, I got two new magazines at the Post Office today and will have plenty of reading material. A small reminder that the universe CAN be abundant if you count the very small things.

And I most certainly do.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm very glad for your walks too. They do make one feel better afterwards. I'm going for my first consultation today at the "old folk's" gym. If nothing else, all the oxygen tanks being used in the lobby will spur me on...

    I'll be thinking of you and Mr. Moon today and hoping that everything with be just fine.

  2. I am struggling right now for the first time, ever, with crippling panic attacks and anxiety that steals my sleep (and general joy). Walks are the only thing that really helps, save the meds that I am prescribed but afraid to take too often. I am terrified of going on a daily med for this but fear that's where I'm headed. Your posts speak so clearly and honestly to me right now, the ebb and flow of these brain chemicals can be confusing and disquieting. Peace to you today, and sending good thoughts for Mr's Dr visit.

  3. I'm down with the damned sciatica again today! Had planned to return to the gym for water aerobics after a two month absence (due to the damned sciatica). I have a follow up with the pain management doc tomorrow, and since it will most likely be obvious that it's not better when I drag myself in, I'm sure he's going to say surgery is the only option left. Does he not know that I leave for my happy place in 52 days? Oh, and I'm also anxiety-ridden because in 14 days I have to have four teeth pulled and a partial put in. I almost had to take a Valium just to type about that!

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  5. The best way to get out of your head is to get into your body. Moving it around is THE BEST remedy for anxiety.
    Or a bottle of Red Splash wine.
    That seems to work too.

  6. Hope all goes well with the doctor appointment.

    I find nature a great soother as well.

  7. liv- Thank you, sweet woman. All went pretty darn well, considering. I am proud of you for going to the gym. Any gym. Just keep moving.

    Stephanie- Amen and so true.

    Ashley- If the anxiety does not pass, please do not be afraid to take the once-a-day medication. It can literally save your life. I know. I am so sorry that you are going through this. May it disappear soon. Keep walking. Do whatever you need to do. Please. It's too hard to bear without some sort of help. Or at least it was for me. I send you peace back!

    Catrina- Have you tried acupuncture? That helped my husband's sciatica like a miracle. If you haven't, at least give it a go before surgery. I know this is just incredibly painful and impacts your life on every level.

    Heartinhand- Vodka isn't bad either. One must use all the tools at one's disposal. Kisses.

    jenny_o- Thank you, dear! And yes, nature- where would I be without it? Sometimes it gets to be a little too much around here, but I would rather have that than not enough.

  8. You might not realize it, but you truly are an inspiration as far as the walking regimen goes (among other things!).

  9. Elizabeth- Well. That makes me feel good. Thank you, honey.

  10. Exercise is so good for my mood. Pumping those endorphins! Take care.


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