Monday, September 21, 2015

A Woman Who Is Ready To Have A Baby And The House She Is Ready To Have A Baby In

Shopping at Costco. Talking to Vergil about purchasing 55 pounds of dog food. Doesn't she look bloomy?

Are you kidding me? Look at that organization! 

The lovely stove. 

The freshly oiled butcher block counter tops.

The crib! When I made that quilt, I had no idea it would be going into the room with the turquoise walls. And the quilt on the mattress is the one I made for Jessie before she was born. I am not sure how much time Baby Boy Weatherford will be spending in that crib but it is ready. It is waiting. It is lovely.

The prayer flags made at Jessie's shower, strung by May. 

The place where this child will mostly be sleeping, I am sure. 

And of course...

There. Now if this little boy could only see all of this, he would be a little more eager to come on out. Don't you think?

Oh my heart. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wow...Every kid should be that lucky. I hope all goes well.

  2. She is indeed ready, in body and in house. Thinking of you all and sending hugs. x's and 0's N2

  3. Oh, Jessie. It's all perfect.

    And I have counter envy.

  4. Sigh. Here's to hoping that it ends up being the smoothest delivery ever!
    Now I want a turquoise room.

  5. What a lucky baby to be so loved and wanted. Blessings to all. xo

  6. goodness, so loved already! Absolutely beautiful, not one thing forgotten. I myself am anticipatory!!!!!!! You all must be in 7th heaven and I'm thrilled for all of you for this big event!!!!!!!!!
    sending love
    Susan M

  7. This just makes me cry -- at memories of my own little babies and in anticipation for Jessie's experience of the whole wonderful shebang of it all! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos.

  8. That quilt looks mighty fine in that room!

    Beautiful house. All best to Jessie.

  9. That post gave me a sweet little tingle of joy , the nesting and waiting for a baby. Such a wonderful time. Mary I send you a sweet squeeze with all that is happening xx

  10. Oh! Everything looks so perfect and lovely and homey. And Everyone looks perfect too. Such an exciting time! Almost makes me want to do it again.

  11. I can hardly wait for the news. Every day I wake up, I wonder if Jessie will have her baby today. Weatherford! Such a noble name.

  12. Jessie looks beautiful, and yes bloomy. Every child needs a sock monkey.

  13. Oh MY heart! I love waiting with you for each if your grandbabies.

  14. Jessie looks so beautiful and that blanket you could sell them. I love the baby boy Weatherford sign. Gail

  15. There is simply nothing more wonderful than a baby that is welcomed into a family and surrounded with love all around. It is life perfected.

  16. Oh my heart! Your daughter is beautiful.

  17. Everything is as perfect, lovely and right as it could be. What a lucky boy, what a lucky family. So excited for all the new babies.
    You've sewn and sown and look at all the love that you grew.
    Each picture is perfection. The prayer flags? Made we weepy. The nursery? Those colors? So gorgeous!
    Are those magnet tops on the shakers in the second and third rows? Jessie is brilliant, and so organized!
    Wishing you all even more love and happiness. And gratitude for sharing with us.

  18. So many wishing prayers and aspirations I am making for this baby and for all the family!!!

    May all be auspicious and may blessings fall like rain upon all of you!




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