Monday, September 21, 2015


Damn dreams. I went from being in a science-fiction type dream where I was in a world in which marriage ceremonies involved placing a laptop at various prescribed places to use as power sources, to being at the Opera House, about to go on for the second act and not even having a clue as to what the play was about.
And of course no one had a script.

Anxious much?

And today is Jessie's due date. I think. And Saturday is Owen's birthday and Sunday is Lily and Vergil's birthday and Lily and Jason are moving this week.

That's the sweet note I found this morning when I got up. 

The tea olive is blooming. The air is sweet. I need to go take a little walk and then off to town for various items. 

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Maybe you need Lamaze for expectant grandparents? :)

  2. Don't ya just love the notes your hubby leaves for you? Do you, like me, save all those notes? I also save every scrap of paper, hand-made card and crayon a masterpieces my grandkids ever gave me.

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  4. Not much wonder you're anxious with all that on your plate!

  5. Exciting times!!!
    Sorry I've been absent. Anxiety and too much on. I'm here in the background. x

  6. Steve Reed- No kidding!

    Catrina- I do save his notes! Of course!

    Elizabeth- He is definitely swoon-worthy.

    jenny_o- And let's throw in the fact that Mr. Moon is getting an echocardiogram this week and it's Grandparent's Day at Owen's school on Friday! Good Lord.

    Mwa- FUCK anxiety. I hate that shit. For me, for you, for everyone. Love you, darling.

    Ellen Abbott- And even busier if Mr. Man Baby decides to come on.

  7. You two are so cute with your love! Xox

  8. How did I not see this with this note from darling Mr Moon? I'm in love with your husband!

  9. How did I miss this one? Love, love love.


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