Sunday, September 27, 2015

Red Moon, Blue Dress. We Wait

That was six years ago when we were waiting for Owen to be born.

It is a drizzly day here today, this day of the full moon, the lunar eclipse.
I think I need to go find that favorite blue linen dress and see if I can patch it up. I've worn it so thin I'm not sure it can be done.
But I sure would like to wear it when Jessie and Vergil's baby is born.


Lily and Jessie are going to a movie today and Lily said she's going to make Jessie eat a ton of junky movie popcorn and candy. That's what she did before Gibson was born. It made her sick enough to go into labor.

Oh, the things we do to bring our babies.

My heart is so full.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Such a sweet photo of you and Mr Moon. The wait for a baby. I am always amazed when a new baby is born and the intense emotions of its arrival. Such joy, how lucky that you are waiting for two. Both my nieces are pregnant and it is a joyful and exciting time. Xx

  2. Oh, God, Lily, that is such a horrible idea. Noo! Still, I guess it worked for you pretty well. Maybe not so good for baby 1, though, when you need your stamina more, and no blood sugar crashes!

    Full moon brings the babies. Maybe it'll be enough.

  3. Laughing at eating junk food to bring on baby. I think I would prefer that to the castor oil that is reported to bring on a baby. Maybe it is the same premise of making yourself sick. ;-)

    A red moon seems a fine time to be born. But I guess anytime is a fine time to be born when there is so much love waiting.

  4. Leisha- Hello, my opposite continent sister! Congratulations on the new-coming babes in your family!

    Jo- It beats the shit out of being medically induced for both baby AND mama. Jessie is young and very strong and her stamina will be fine I think.

    Birdie- Exactly! And she's ready to try that too, when it comes time. Forty-two weeks and she's considered high-risk and can't deliver at home. WHATEVER IT TAKES!

  5. I think that pic is one of the very first I remember seeing on your blog. Owen's birthday is always my reading anniversary.

  6. I like that--junky popcorn and candy for baby induction! Yes! Well. That and another way I know of that brought Zachary on along. Ah hem.


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