Saturday, September 5, 2015

Head Out Of Assiness

Well. There was this today.

What a fine little fellow, clinging to an orchid plant when I watered it. 

And there was this today, too.

And this.

In order for the artist to do this.

And there was game playing and bed-making and then bed snuggling and clothes on the line and Hank visiting and men building box blinds for deer hunting and plenty of snacks and back-scratching and head-rubbing and me telling Owen as Jessie and I were doing those things for him, "This is the best moment of your life. You will spend the rest of your life trying to have a moment as good as this." There was holding-Gibson-like-a-baby-and-rocking-him-and-singing-to-him-and-giggling. There was pea picking and pea shelling. There was puzzle-doing and me trying to explain what "freak" means and there was toy-sharing and toy-envy and there was a lot of laughing and so yeah, I pretty much got my attitude adjusted. 

Now I'm going to cook some beets and I told my husband that he doesn't have to eat them but he does have to try them. He does not like beets. One of the very few foods he really does not like the taste of. So we shall see. 

There was this. There IS this. 

We shall see how Sunday goes. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Frogs , family and flowers - perfect. I adore frogs . Ms Moon thank you for the daily life affirmation. I looked after my two great nieces yesterday and as the youngest fell asleep on my chest I felt a real calm and peacefulness descend . Family ....

  2. Kids are so good at making us live in the present.

    Suggestion for the beets (for Mr. Moon) - try a sprinkle of vinegar on top.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely, Mary.

  3. Best blog title ever. What are box blinds? Your stories make my day. I do love you.

  4. Leisha- With children you absolutely have to pay attention and every emotion is right there. Thank god for them.

    Jo- Yes m'am.

    Jenny_o- Plenty of vinegar is involved. Trust me.

    Joanne- Box blinds have something to do with deer hunting. Beyond that I do not know. I love you too.

  5. Oh my. How perfectly perfect. Shiny as that little frog.

  6. You do have an abundance, a plethora, a cornucopia of attitude adjusters!

  7. That is what a frog should look like. I have huge Cuban tree frogs. I am always wary of the toads now that I have heard about the bufo or cane toads near Tampa. Gail

  8. I've never seen such a shiny frog! It's like something out of a book -- a fairy tale frog. I NEVER see frogs out here and wonder if there are any?

  9. been getting rain so frogs here too. well, they are always here but I don't see them unless it rains. I had a quick visit yesterday with my daughter and her husband and the youngest grandgirl. they were out working on the foundation for the cabin they are building on their property they bought to be near us after we sold the city properties where we lived next door to each other last year.

  10. Butter, salt and pepper the beets. Real butter. Fry them after they've been boiled and sliced. Sure, you'll have purple turds but oh man....delish!!!!!!

  11. A lazy Sunday here. Glad to relax a bit at home before I head to the boat. Not laboring on this Labor Day weekend.

  12. Denise- It was a day of sweetness.

    A- So very true.

    Gail- Remember when I had my husband kill a toad that I thought was one of those? No. It was like the State Toad of Florida or something. I will never get over the shame.

    Elizabeth- He's shiny because I just inadvertently watered him! I have no idea if you have frogs. I can't imagine living where there are no frogs.

    Ellen Abbott- It is good to see both frogs and family.

    Heartinhand- I like them with lots of vinegar. Almost pickled in flavor.
    Mr. Moon tried them. He did not like them. He will never like them. It's okay.

    Syd- No laboring here either! Let's enjoy!

  13. Looks like a great day, but then, your posts make almost all your days look great. I love the frog.

    A lot of people who don't like beets have only had them pickled, or from a jar. Fresh beets are a whole 'nother thing. See if you can change his mind. :)

  14. Haha it's funny he still has to try.

  15. That is a glorious mess those boys made and pregnant Jesse and all of it is glorious. Beets are yummy :)


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