Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I am feeling so much better today that it's rather unbelievable. In body and in spirit and in mind.
Why does this happen?
I wake up, the black dog has decided to go take a nap on someone else's porch. Or something.
I went to take my walk and first thing I noticed were the fallen pink petals of the Sasangua tree next door. And I looked up, to see this.

Already? I love these early-blooming camellia varieties! They are so delicate, like a baby's face. 

Fall is when we get perhaps the most blossoms around here. Wild ones, at least, which the sasangua are not but they are so beloved by me. As I walked I passed the wild morning glories blooming in such profusion with the yellow sulfur butterflies manically flitting from flower to flower to sip and sip and sip with the tiny orange trumpets and I thought...I'll make a rainbow post.


The red cardinal vine. This flower is so small that if it weren't for the color, most people would never notice it. But look at the gorgeous vine!

Firespike in my yard. As I type this, hummingbirds are dipping and sipping from it.

Red zinnia. (And green watermelon.)

This is called a small red morning glory but trust me- the eye sees orange as orange can be.

The Gulf Fritillary.

Orange zinnias. Zinnias actually DO come in every color of the rainbow. And then some.

Tiny yellow field flowers. I do not know their name but the butterflies love them and I have seen many caterpillars clinging to their stems.

The much-maligned goldenod. (Thanks, Sarah!) Yet still, late summer's royalty.

Green? Everywhere. Two of my favorites.

The magnolia leaf and the palm frond.

Blue? Forever and always. The sky. 

Indigo. Can you see them? The most amazingly colored flower to me ever. The morning glory.

Violet. So many shades this year. Here are two.

Perhaps the Beauty Berry is more violently violet than most. Such a rich color. Wouldn't you love to have a silk dress in that color?

The wild morning glories.

And so. It has taken me hours to do this post of not-very-good pictures.

Oh well. It's made me happy.

No baby news yet. Let us all be patient even as we (I) tremble in anticipation.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm trembling in anticipation too! I come here and check really early in the morning and if I don't see that you've written my mind immediately wonders if today is the day? It's like were all having a baby!!! It's so exciting!! The flowers are gorgeous too.

  2. Such a beautiful post. Thanks for the lovely and uplifting pictures.LN

  3. I believe that's goldenrod, not ragweed. Equally hard on those with allergies. Those colors...man. =)

  4. Sarah- You are right! I will change it!
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks Mary, a little stroll in my garden and neighbourhood always makes me happy. I planted masses of flowers and channelled my grandmother who was a wonderful gardener. I look at my flowers and remember my grandmother. I planted all the flowers that she did and when I chose the flowers I remembered our walks through her garden together and she named the flowers. Zinnias, petunias, marigolds, calendulas, all evoke memories of my grandmothers garden. Xxxx

  6. I feel like I've just taken a walk through a wild garden - soul refreshing. I've never seen a camellia with that kind of a single petaled bloom. Thanks for taking the time.

  7. That camellia blossom is incredible!

    And as Joanne said, it's like we are all having this baby! I thought today might be the day, too, because there was no post at the usual time. I don't know if you even have a usual time, but because I was thinking about this baby, I was pretty sure you did and that something was keeping you away :)

  8. O how lovely to be waiting for a baby. I send you and and yours an ocean of love and blessings.

    I just watched the Keith docu on Netflix and thought of you the whole time. Of course.


  9. Great pictures! I love the beautyberries. They are such an unreal color.

  10. That was great. Many thanks for taking the time.

  11. Gorgeous. We are headed to Florida tomorrow and I will be thinking of you, of course.

    Goldenrod, ragweed, whatever it is--we have plenty of it and I wish I could just tell my immune system that it really isn't a threat and convince it to just calm down.

  12. gorgeous. the fence around the shop has the small purple wild morning glories, bindweed some people call them. no goldenrod blooming here yet and all my beauty berries are already eaten. my firespike cutting is coming along. I've never seen that small red morning glory. and my paltry zinnias are done, pulled up the last one yesterday. and no camillias. I may try to grow one again.


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