Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We Are Strangers In A Strange Land

It never occurred to me that the story about the possum would be such big news. Things like that happen here every day. So what did I do when the possum fell through the dog door? I let out a howl and he fell away from the cat food container he was obviously familiar with and Luna, the feral Oldest Cat In The World (whose cat food the possum was after) was hissing at it from outside the dog door and Maurice was yowling at it from inside the house behind a door so I went through ANOTHER door back into the house, not wanting to let Maurice get tangled up with the critter, and got Mr. Moon. He armed himself with a broom but by the time we got back to the porch, the possum had disappeared. I suppose he tumbled back out through the dog door and trundled home, hungry and disappointed.
He must have come back last night though because when I got up, two plants which I had stupidly put on the skinny rail by the screen on the porch had been tumped over, one broken.
Between the crash which probably scared the poor thing to death and the fact that we've moved the cat food container, he probably won't come back.
But who knows?
Who the hell knows what goes on here in the dark hours?
Certainly not me.

So good morning and I had a nice dream about the Pope who is just the nicest, most humble guy. He spent the night at my house which was fine although he left his humble belongings behind and I was all freaked out because I didn't have a clue as to how to get hold of him to tell him that. The Pope may spend the night at your house, y'all, but he ain't gonna give you his phone number.
The whole situation was made even more complicated due to the fact that people thought my house was some sort of store and kept coming in to buy things and a woman moved her shop into my house and as payment, told me that I could pick anything out of her merchandise that I wanted but I didn't want any of her crappy jewelry and I told her so.
I still let her run her little shop though.
And I also had no desire to become a Catholic, despite my fondness for the Pope.

In real life I see he's pissing off a lot of Vatican Royalty or whatever they call those high-ranking Catholic dudes. Always dudes. Can you imagine what would happen if the Pope suddenly announced that GOD was now ready to let women be priests?
Real nice of the Pope to announce that this is the year of mercy and that women can now be forgiven for having had an abortion.
What the fucking fuck?
Don't get me started.

All right. That's the news from Lloyd where it is gray and drizzly. Lily called to ask me if Gibson could have possibly gotten many bug bites here because he is suddenly breaking out. We barely went outside so probably not. He is just like his mama who used to break out for no apparent reason whatsoever and I would take her to the doctor who would sigh and say, "I have no idea. Give her Benadryl," and of course I already had and she was my hivey kid and Gibson is hers. The fact that so many of us are allergic to our own planet gives strong credence to my theory that at least some of our DNA comes from another planet.

Ancient Aliens, Y'all!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been impressed with this Pope even though I don't want to be. Did you know that he has asked each parish in Europe to take in a migrant family? That is the kind of sensible, doable approach that could actually help without so much stress on "government" which is actually the people anyhow but having it parish-oriented makes it more personal for the donors and I'm thinking it would lead to better integration overall.

    Thanks for the update on the possum. Do you have skunks in Florida? That's the kind of wild animal that we definitely wouldn't want "tumbling through the cat door" here. I knew a guy whose uncle had a whole herd of cats, and one night when he called them in there was one extra toddled into the house and it had a white stripe down its back ...

  2. well, it's still a house dream but much improved, even though i see people are still invading your space, this time with crappy jewelry.

  3. As Popes go, Francis is dope! Still there is that pesky "religion thang" that negates all intellect...Great dream, I would buy things in your shop that is not your shop!
    I,too, was hivey as a kid, they had no idea why, but I just read that hives can occur that are temperature reactive- jumping out of a warm bed onto a cold winter floor can turn me into one large red swollen itch. It is an inherited trait, thank you Gramma!

  4. As a kid my friend had what she thought was a pet possum (oppussum? Whatever...). Mostly I remember her feet felt like suction cups. Then she met a nice Mr. Possum and they started a family and moved away.

  5. I had to rescue a mama and baby possum out of the bottom of a very large trash can I had put under the roof line to collect (turns out plastic trash cans aren't strong enough to hold the pressure from all the water once it gets full and will crack but that's another story)that had about 4" of water in it. why they climbed in to begin with I have no idea. anyway, poor things were wet and miserable by the time I discovered them. just one of the many encounters with the wild life that moved in the year the house was vacant before we bought it.

  6. I once had a possum get into a house I was staying in . I was asleep upstairs and I heard the possum climb the stairs . I thought it was a burglar and I was literally petrified . I managed to get out of the bed and feeling brave and armed and confronted the intruder . I was so relieved it was a possum and not an intruder . I was literally scared shitless .

  7. Saying I was armed I think perhaps I was armed with a shoe ......

  8. Oh, the Pope. Yes, I agree that he's a good one, but what exactly does that mean? I think YOU know what that means and that we agree.

  9. jenny_o- Yeah, for a pope, he's great. Yes. We have skunks here but I rarely see or smell them.

    Angella- Crappy jewelry and other crappy stuff. Where does my mind come up with this shit?

    Linda Sue- I had many allergies as a child that I don't have now. I am so grateful for that.

    Catrina- Haha! That's great.

    Ellen Abbott- Yep. They don't all it WILDlife for nothing. I'm glad you rescued those possums.

    Leisha- I almost called the police one night when I was living in town. I could hear something outside in the bushes right by the house. It was so loud I thought it MUST be a human. But no, it was just a possum. You are braver than I am. I would have huddled under the covers and cried.

    Elizabeth- Pope Dude has some good ideas. But yeah- he's Catholic.

  10. Ancient aliens! Yes!!

    Leonard Nimoy should have done an "In Search Of..." episode about Lloyd.

    Thanks for the possum story. I love that.

  11. My little grandson gets hives ALL THE TIME! It breaks my heart.


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