Friday, September 25, 2015

Sweet-Hearted Boys With Whom I Get To Share My Life

When Mr. Moon and Owen's other grandmama and I showed up at his school today we found him on the playground, running around with a gang of kids, and he was wearing the birthday crown. 
"He's the idea boy," said his teacher whom I think loves him. He sure does love her. 
When he finally saw us, he was so happy and introduced us to his best friend, Chase. 
It was excellent, being able to see Owen so happy at his new school with so many friends and when they lined up to go to lunch, the little girl next to Owen was holding her knee up with a paper towel pressed to it. She'd scraped it on the playground. 
"Are you all right?" Owen asked her and then he reached over and helped her hold her leg up. 
Oh. My heart. 
Let me just say that school cafetoriums smell just like school cafeterias, unto Eternity. 
We settled at a table, Chase sitting next to Owen who sat next to his Boppy, and Joanne, his other grandmother and I sat across the table from them. A tiny, tiny sprite of a little girl all in pink with a thousand beaded braids sat next to me. Her name was Veronica and I watched in awe as she ate her broccoli first, as daintily as princess. She and I had a good time chatting. Her grandma, she said, was in the hospital, but she knows her grandma loves her and she gives her lots and lots of hugs. We discussed these and many other things while we ate our lunch. I sort of wanted to put her in my purse and bring her home. She was that precious. 
Chase's grandparents showed up as well and we had a fine time, eating our lunches and discussing things. Owen was SO happy. 
And then, suddenly, it was time for the children to line up to go back to their room and for the grandparents to leave. 
And in that one second, Owen started weeping with all the sadness in the world and hugged Joanne  and buried his head into her. He could not stand the idea of us leaving him. 
My heart broke. 
He recovered somewhat and I realized, once again, how sweet and sensitive this child is. 
It's got to be a bit of a stressful time in his life. Moving into a new house, new babies coming, his birthday, all of it- it's a lot. It's a lot for grown-ups and it's a lot for children. 

I went to Lily's house and gave her some eggs and she showed me all the baby clothes she'd bought in the last few days and especially last night at some big sale of used but still good children's clothing. Here are the shoes. 

Can you stand it? 
Here's a little dress and sweater set she bought. It reminds me of my darling Lis. 

It even has a little petticoat underneath! 
Pink and pink and pink. 
The house is coming together. They have made huge progress in the last day, putting things away and hanging pictures and so forth. 
Do you remember Rusty, the feral kitten I saved last winter who was under my porch steps?

Here he is. His tail is about fourteen feet in circumference. He seems to be fine in his new surroundings. 

And there you have it. 

Martini night here and I'm about to make supper. 
Birthday party tomorrow. 
Baby coming when baby comes. 

Tomorrow I'll be making my first Tres Leches cake. Much cream whipping will be involved. 
Wish me luck. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good luck with the cake!

    What a sweet wonderful boy Owen is. I just love stories about your grandchildren!

    Martini night sounds great! At my house in SC I'm having a glass of red wine while a pot of homemade potato-leek-bacon soup simmers on the stove. It's cool and raining outside and my husband, my dogs, and I are settling in for a cozy evening together. Life is good.

  2. Big full moon and eclipse coming...

  3. Sweet photo of Owen and Boppy :)

    Those baby girl clothes and shoes!! Too cute.

  4. Ah, Owen. I love the story of his school, tears and all.

  5. Owen, holding up the girl's leg, crying as you were leaving, yes a sensitive and sweet boy. And the little shoes and dress, be still my heart. Other baby, where are you? Jessie sounds so good!

  6. Oh, good luck with the cake Ms Moon,

  7. Such a wonderful rich day you all had. Owen is the dearest little boy. Xx

  8. Such a good boy. Such a good day.

  9. Owen is such a caring boy, with all that is going on in his life and he was still worried about the girl and her leg. Such a sweet story. Gail

  10. Nathan's for the pimento cheese recipe! I'll be making it tomorrow. As for Tres Lexhe cake, I DO have that recipe (that came from my Mexican grandfather!) and have made it many times. So decadent! I know yours will be perfect.

  11. Well, this was all so fine -- and moving, too. What would we do without you, Mary?

  12. Owen is such an old soul. I am so glad that he was born into a family that will love and nurture him. Owen is going to be the change we wish to see in the world.

    Those shoes! Why can't they make them in adult sizes?

    When is Lily due? I think I have asked that before but I can't remember.

  13. What lovely, sweet days you are having, Ms. Moon. Happy Birthday to Owen!

  14. I feel for Owen. Sensitivity makes for a good person but also it has painful moments too. Grandparents day looked very cool. We did not have that when I was in school. Not even parents day that I can remember.

  15. Jennifer- That sounds perfect!

    A- I know! I already told Jessie that she's going to have lots of contractions during the full moon. Now whether they bring that baby or are just part of the pre-process I do not know. But I'm pretty sure she'll be having them.

    Jenny_o- This is going to be the babiest baby doll ever.

    Jo- He's such a remarkable child. Well, I would think that, wouldn't I?

    Joanne- Babies are just darn fun, aren't they? We know where Jessie's baby is, we just can't kiss him yet.
    And thanks! I am baking the cake part right now!

    Leisha- It's so true.

    Jill- It was a very fine day.

    Gail- He is empathetic, isn't he?

    Catrina- Oh! I hope so!

    Elizabeth- Ha! You're precious.

    Birdie- I believe you are right about our Owen. He is loving and loved. Richly.
    I agree with you about the shoes.
    Lily's due date is right around New Year's.

    e- Tis true!

    Syd- Times have changed since we were in school, except that cafeterias smell exactly the same. Yep. Owen feels ALL the feelings.

  16. Wow, Rusty looks quite...grown! He looks happy and healthy. I'm glad Owen has settled in at school and has friends, as I was sure he would.


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