Sunday, September 6, 2015

Growing Things And So Forth

As Mr. Moon said about these eggs this morning, the only way they could be fresher was to put the skillet under the hen's butt.

I swear to you- I have no idea in this world why I am so tossed about by my emotions. Chemicals, sure. But why and how do they change? Is the weather part of it? The moon, the stars, the planets? At this point I am disregarding nothing.
But the fact of the matter is, here it is Sunday and I am feeling quite well and not unhappy or dragged down by it all or hopeless or helpless or any of those other usual Sunday feelings.

I haven't done squat. Well, I cooked those eggs and some bacon and made biscuits. And lazed on the bed with Maurice who has been even lazier than I am. She let me pet her for a little while and then she grabbed my hand and then she softly bit it and then she licked it and eventually, she jumped off the bed and went her own way.
As I told a friend of mine via text this morning, I'm almost ashamed to admit how much I love that cat. She and the chickens are the perfect pets for me. They are not demanding and are content to live their own lives, sometimes intersecting with mine. I do not feel guilty if I don't spend "quality time" with them. They all love it when I give them treats but if I don't, they do not sulk or look at me as if I had failed them. Dogs are too much like children and thank you very much, I have raised mine and actual dogs too and enough is enough of that. I love the time I spend with my grandchildren but I am so very grateful that their parents are doing the heavy work.
So yes, a cat and chickens are plenty for me and they mostly bring me nothing but joy and giggles and eggs and the occasional snuggle. Maurice has never once pissed or shit in the house and I think she's only puked once.
Okay, okay, there is the occasional murder to clean up after.

Yep. Cat and chickens and...okay, plants.
Let's face it- I have to grow something or the nurturer in me will explode.
My latest joy in that regard is so tiny that taking a picture would be useless. And highly unimpressive. The two Surinam cherries I stole from the yard of my best childhood friend in Roseland about a month ago have finally sprouted. The sprouts are so tiny as to be almost hair-like in size but that's what they are and I could hardly be more excited. I've also successfully rooted a very small sprig of hibiscus and some succulents which grow wild in the jungle down there.

And do you remember this picture from last week?

A friend and reader texted me that she thought it was Bee Balm but when I looked it up this morning, I think what it actually is is the Bee Balm's cousin, Horsemint.
The Bee Balm is Monarda Citriodora and the Horsemint is Monarda Punctata.
How beautiful are those names?
Anyway, in my state of good spirits today, I think I will walk down to where I found them and dig a few up (yes, I will be trespassing) and bring them home. There is a lovely web article about them here. 

All right. Enough verbal rambling. I think I will go and literally ramble. Mr. Moon just came in and showed me a walking stick he's been making for me. It's beautiful and almost as light as the dog fennel stem that I use to walk with. He is my darling, that man.

I hope that your Sunday is going well too. Report in and let me know. Data can be collected. We will all benefit.

Gold Rings On Ya.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This time of year is always depressing to me, while the weather is still summer like, I know in my bones winter is coming. The way I bitch about it you would think I live up north where they have real winters. It doesn't help that my DH picked up a stomach bug in AL. My neighbors is doing some kind of work on his roof and has a good view into my backyard. I don't feel much like swimming with him on the roof. Gail

  2. It's September... It's a difficult time for many people. Seattle has transitioned to the rainy season and it's gruesome already. It's good that Maurice chose you, such a good cat.

  3. Mr Moon making you a walking stick. What a darling man.

  4. My younger son turned 14 today, at ten minutes past midnight. Pretty sure he delayed so his birthday would be the day after his grampa's...He's over there in Wales right now to celebrate the 80th with said grampa, they had quite the party. He just sent me a video of them walking through a tunnel under one of the aqueducts still there from roman times...that's so cool, right?! It was really dark, but far ahead there was that sparkle of light... We'll leave it at that, I think. It's so peaceful here today and hot, and I am telling the occasional red maple leaf to shut up.

  5. I love gardening , I love planting. Being in the garden is grounding , pun intended . Spring is here and it's glorious .

  6. Gail- It's always a little difficult, dealing with transitions, isn't it? And no, I wouldn't want to swim in the pool with a neighbor on the roof either.
    Hope your husband feels better soon. And that you don't get it!

    Allison- She is all the cat I need.

    Angella- He is a sweetie. He is.

    Big Mamabird- What an image that must be! How sweet that your boy can be with his grandpa!

    Leisha- Me too! Where do you live?

    1. Ms Moon I live in the sunshine state of Queensland in Australia. I live on top of the magnificent Great Dividing Range.

  7. Horsemint! I have never heard of horsemint. We have bee balm in our garden but I wouldn't have even recognized that as a relative.

    And I know what you mean about pets. I loved having cats, which I could leave overnight, even, and they'd be fine and even a little bit bored with me when I returned. I love my dog, love love love her, but oh my god there is so much guilt involved every time I walk out the door and leave her behind. Dave makes fun of me because it's so hard for me to go anywhere without her.

  8. I went to a nutritionist who needed practice sessions for assessment and got mothered by her sweet mentor who was sitting in. I learned about my neuro transmitters and how they're affected by the way I'm eating/sleeping etc. It was good. Then I went to a friend's party and met nice people, then I walked the dog in the twilight and met not a soul, and that was lovely.

    While I totally understand about dogs being too like babies, I'm very graterful for our little furry friend. I more often praise his loveliness than curse his irritatingness - it helps that he never ever pees or poos in the house, I will admit.

  9. Had a good day in my craft room because it has been raining all weekend. And went for coffee with friends. Pretty low key day.

  10. what did I do yesterday? nothing. so hot and muggy outside couldn't stay out for more than 10 minutes if that. what else? take the dogs out, call them in...all fucking day long. and I read more in that ridiculous book. I'm on page 332. 500 more to go.

  11. I think it might be the start of the school year. That would trigger stuff.

  12. A walking stick! I could use one of those. Mr Moon is a good man.

    Yesterday I bought two shrubs to replace one that died and one that's been so eaten by deer that there's nothing left on the branches. My husband dug up the two old ones today and as soon as the stores open tomorrow I will be getting some peat moss and fertilizer and planting them. Your gardening posts are having a positive effect on me :)


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