Saturday, September 5, 2015

As If It Were A Dream

Saturday morning and I slept late, dreaming I was in Roseland, but the dream Roseland which is situated a bit differently than the real one and Jessie was a baby and I was carrying her around in a basket and I was trying to tell people about what it had been like to grow up there and no one really cared.
And who could blame them?
And it was so hard to keep my Jessie Baby safe in her basket.

Ah, lah. I don't think we need to call Dr. Freud for that one.

I just feel like crying this morning. It came over me last night, this feeling of living a pointless life in a pointless world. Okay, actually, yesterday morning. Which is so ridiculous because obviously, my life is not exactly pointless and the world is not either although maybe it is and we're all just running our little hamster wheels as fast as we can to invent religions and myths and philosophies to create meaning where there is actually little less than chaos.

Or we wash our sheets to hang on the line and the purpose of that is to reward ourselves for having lived another day and now we get to rest on clean sheets, to sleep and try to make sense of it all in our dream world.

Or we write it all down and try to make sense of it that way. Hold it in place long enough to examine it, search for the inner, true meaning.

Or we go on social media and repost stuff that proves our points, we sing to the choir, we feel good about "liking" the idea that something must be done about...things.

Or we dig in the garden or we find meaning in the chickens or we read all the books or we listen to all the music or we walk or we meditate or we do whatever it is we do and sometimes, sometimes, sometimes...

It just doesn't seem to matter.

Luckily, and thankfully, this passes.

It is one of those days.

I'm sure I'll get my head out of my ass soon enough.

And until then, I'm thinking that perhaps the only true meaning of life is cats. Sleeping.

Who knows?
Not me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Cats do seem to have it figured out.

  2. If there is reincarnation I want to come back as a house cat. They are so far removed they don't even appreciate how good they have it. Ungrateful Bastards.

  3. Me either. I don't know anything. But I write things down.

  4. It must be the seasonal change, Mary because I feel EXACTLY the same way!

  5. I hear you Ms Moon, all that stuff whirling around , thinking of this and that , what does it all mean ..... Existential crisis.... Sometimes it would be nice to cd to just have a holiday away from our thinking... It does pass as you know ... So many of us relate to this x

  6. Sarah- They do. Absolutely.

    Birdie- Even Maurice, who showed up here unannounced and who was taken in, fed, loved, cherished. She still needs to bite us every now and then to show us that she is A CAT. Which, you know, is fine.

    Denise- Some of us just have to do that.

    Heartinhand- Really? Sometimes I do believe it's all governed by the stars and moon and planets.

    Leisha- Yes. A holiday from thinking. Ah yah. I wish.

  7. Well, listening to The Band makes it all better for me. So, thank you.

  8. Our chemistry tells lies sometimes. Your life is so not pointless. It is the opposite of pointless. Love.

  9. Let me know when you have life figured out. LOL. I think about making something of each day and I simply cannot be purposeful every moment. Too exhausting. So maybe life is just to be--enjoy the trivial and the serious. And be more like cats.


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