Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moving House, Moving Bodies

Nope. Not at a baby-having. We were helping Lily and Jason move. Well, I did almost nothing except watch Jessie and Owen and Gibson dance.
So. Moving dance party? Dance-A-Baby-Out party?
Hell, if traveling down that bumpy road to the new house doesn't get things going, it's just not time yet.
But Jessie's going to keep dancing until it is. I'm going to make her let me get a little video.
Well. If she doesn't mind.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You already know I am checking in here every few hours to see if there is any news. I won't be one of those people that ask if baby is here yet. Promise. :-)

  2. "Dance the baby out", sounds so nice, and simple and oh how we do forget! Good thing , too, because babies would just not get born, we would not let them if our memories were not zapped away, the men in Black make their rounds. Holding breath, fingers crossed! Fresh baby, COME!!!

  3. Guess dates! Not due dates! Start asking again in a fortnight and don't be putting anyone under pressure :)


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