Friday, September 18, 2015

Blues And Fire

Today went pretty smoothly. I went to Target and had a little tiny stroke when I got to the new music section to see this.

Were they sold out at 11:30 a.m.? Had they even put any out? Did they have any? I asked the lady in the red shirt and she scanned and discovered that they had a few in the back and she went and got me one. 

I'm pretty sure she had no idea who Richards, K, was but no matter. I did. 

I bought Lily a welcome mat for her new house and went out to the car and spent more time getting into the CD then I did listening to the first two songs but it's my stupid fault for not having a pocket knife the way my granddaddy always told me I should. I had wanted to do my errands, driving around and listening to the CD in the car. I am old school. Music sounds best in the car, at least recorded music and that's just all there is to it. 
And it sounded real fine. 
Keith's voice, never his strong point and now pretty much shredded by all the things he's smoked and all the things he's drunk, is still an instrument that he knows how to play and he can channel the old blues men he fell in love with as a child all the better and when he's singing, "I don't resist arrest/I think it's for the best," or "When she holds me, something starts anew/She forgives me and I forgive her too," he uses that old battered instrument like the master he is and I can't help but be moved. 
I've never heard a better rendition of "Good Night Irene." Ever. 

Yeah. I like it. 

I finished my errands and I picked up my boys and now we are home and they are helping their Boppy build a fire for tonight's supper. Vergil and Jessie just got here and they are eating with us too. Owen wanted steak and oranges. Definitely NO mashed potatoes. So we will have steak and oranges but a few other things too. Family life and the life of a family and life and life and life. 

The fire is going good. 

So is everything else. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I LOVE mashed potatoes. Dade hates them. I dunno, children are weird.

    What is with those plastic covers on cds? Why ARE they so impenetrable? The world is strange.

  2. That's right, gather the clan around the fire and food in the ancient way. There is much to celebrate.


  3. Oh, sounds so good! Have a good weekend, Ms Moon and family!

  4. I love listening to music in my car , by myself and up loud. I sing badly but this is my time and I love it. My favourite old tune that I love , love and love is Leonard Cohen "so long Maryann" and at the moment I play it every time I am in the car, which is a quite a bit. I enjoy more of the music I did not listen to in my youth . Fleetwood Mac I really like now but not when I was younger .

  5. Jo- Owen doesn't even like french fries any more. They come from potatoes. Except for McDonald's french fries. And they probably don't come from potatoes.
    And yet, he will eat two bowls of miso soup and then a plate of sushi. Go figure.

    Invisigal- Those men did an excellent job of cooking those steaks on the fire!

    jenny_o- Yes m'am! No lack of fun around here!

    Leisha- The car is our own private concert hall, isn't it?

    Joanne- We had big fun. Trust me.

  6. Please let me come over and eat Owen's portion of mashed potatoes.


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