Friday, September 25, 2015

Such A Good Excuse To Eat Pimento Cheese

I've just made pimento cheese sandwiches and cucumber and tomato salad to take to Owen's school for Mr. Moon's and my lunch. I am supposed to bring something to share with Owen and I feel terrible that I didn't bake anything or...hell. I don't know. That child. When his mother asked him what he'd like for her to get him at the store for the party tomorrow, he suggested "one of those salad plates" which is a veggie tray.
Owen is an example to me that some people are indeed born wanting to eat healthy.

So. It's Friday and Grandparent's Day at school and it was cool enough to sleep without the AC last night and I woke up cold. "Cold" for us is anything under 70 degrees but still. There you go.

I think I am going to have to get a new cat. Maurice wants less and less to do with me and more and more to do with my husband. I feel slighted. I feel bereft. I feel jealous.

Do you find it as hysterical as I do that the Republicans are vilifying the Pope due to his messages of helping the poor, accepting immigrants, and taking responsibility for climate change?


Happy Friday, y'all

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. AND....Boehner is stepping down as Speaker of the House. He's only doing it to keep from being stripped of his speakerdom (yes, spellcheck...I know that's not a word!), but it's still good news. Oh, and I love me some pimento cheese, but since I don't know how to make it, I buy it at my local deli.

  2. We have two cats. They both prefer my husband. And yes, I am jealous. I want a new cat but my husband doesn't. So this...

    How is Jessie doing? Being overdue can be hard. We all get through it but no doubt she is anxious to meet her boy. :-)

  3. No one can say what overdue is (esp when caucasian pregnancies are 40 weeks, not 39) - it can go two weeks either way. But 9 months pregnant is definitely hard, alright!

    Owen is fab. Salad plate for the win.

    I have no cat advice, I'm afraid. Sneaky gourmet treats in your apron pocket? :)

  4. I love pimento cheese. Good pimento cheese, that is. I bought some at a local bakery recently that nearly made me gag. It had a big clumps of cream cheese (not incorporated very well) and sesame seeds mixed in too.

    It was an abomination.

    A diner in the back of an old drugstore where I worked as a teenager had THE BEST homemade pimento cheese. It was sweet and creamy and the grouchy old lady that ran the grill would toast pimento cheese sandwiches in generous amounts of butter on the grill for your lunch. Divine!

  5. Roll in catnip daily. Problem solved.

    Honestly, cats are so unpredictable. Why do they sleep in one spot for months, then suddenly switch to a new spot? Why do they eat one food forever, then decide not to? I have no idea.

    Hope you have a good time at grandparents day, and it's awesome to see a kid eat vegetables.

  6. My cats are healers and go to whomever needs the most Cat Therapy. You could send her a Sternly Worded Memo I suppose.

  7. Birdie- I'm doing quite well, for someone who is close to 41 weeks pregnant. Thanks for asking! Amazingly, I'm still not that uncomfortable, just have to pee 50 times a day. I'm certainly excited to meet my little baby, and I'm not to the point of anxiety yet. Thank goodness. Vergil and I are just giddy thinking about all the goodness that is about to come to us.

    Mama, is there going to be more pimento cheese at this party tomorrow? Because I would like some of dat. :)

  8. Oh, Jessie! Thank you for your comment. It was 20 years ago that I had my son and I remember being so anxious to meet him. (He decided to show up at almost 43 weeks. He was in no hurry and even today he is one of the most laid back and calm people I know. My daughter was born at 38 weeks and roaring to get going. She hasn't changed! Coincidences I am sure but it is funny to think about.)
    I don't give advice to women about to give birth but I can say that you know love now but the love you will have for your child is unlike anything you will ever know. There are no words.

    I think of you so many times during the day. I send you light and love.

  9. Catrina- Here's how I make it. Grate some good cheese. Sharp, if you like that. I do. Mix it with some jar diced pimentos and some mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. Done. Sometimes I do something like this but add curry powder and make toasted sandwiches of it. THE BEST!!!!!

    Birdie- Haha! Well, it has been known to happen that when Mr. Moon goes off hunting for long periods of time that a new kitten may be here when he gets back. I'm not sure Maurice would stand for that though.
    And Jessie answered your question!!

    Jo- We are long gestaters in our family. That's just the way of it. And Maurice already comes to me for treats. But mostly that's all. She goes to the man for the snuggle.

    Jennifer- That would be an abomination! Good god! And toasted pimento cheese is heaven.
    What a good memory.

    jenny_o- Cats. Who knows? They are aliens?

    Sarah- I tried talking to her last night. Didn't seem to do much good.
    She's a stubborn thing.

    HoneyLuna- Hey darling! Didn't Lily buy some yesterday? Was that for the party? I'll be glad to bring what I have left. And make more after you have the baby. Also- do you want some more of that soup? I always make too much. As you know.

    Birdie- You are precious.

  10. Honestly, I hadn't thought of laughing that the Repubs are, as usual, in fine form, but you're right. It IS hysterical -- in an hysterical kind of way.

  11. Maybe Boehner actually heard what Papa Francis said and took it to heart. One can only hope. The rest of the lot of candidates are worthless. I do love this Pope--and I am not religious!

  12. My grandmother used to make pimento & cheese sandwiches. God, I haven't thought of those in ages. I don't think I've eaten one in 25 years, at least.


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