Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Don't Know Shit, Volume Ten Thousand

I just do not know why some days I wake up and my stomach feels as if I'm about to go onstage or have a doctor's appointment or have heard some distressing news or, or, or...
Knotted and tense and yet here it is, a beautiful day in spring, nothing overly disturbing going on in my world, just blooms and birdsong. Mr. Moon was off before I got up to go to town and work in the duplex we own, getting it ready to rent. He works so hard.

I should go take a walk, see if I can work some of this anxiety out of me, shake it off, let it go. Come home, do some cleaning. I don't know.

I don't know, I don't know, I do not know.
I don't know shit.

I wonder if I have any adrenal function at all at this point. Whatever regulates it is fucked beyond.
I'm pretty sure about that.


  1. Watch out for those first-awake thoughts. Sometimes I wake up with a yawning pit of dread in my stomach, and like you, have a completely innocuous day ahead.

  2. One glorious day and now we are back to overcast. shit.

  3. Try to stay out of your head today and get into your body. Move it. Clean. Dance. Walk. Bake. Cook. Chase a chicken. Do what you need to do to stay out of your thoughts. Distraction is the best.
    Big hugs to you.

  4. Crappy. I hope the activity helps you.

  5. And your title made me smile. A sense of humour is necessary, is it not?

  6. I think Heartinhand's advice is good, as is your plan to take a walk. Hope it works! I've had these sneaky episodes of dread now and then, for no apparent reason -- it's very strange.

  7. Marty- Oh. I know. I do.

    Ellen Abbott- The sun can't make up its mind here. It comes out, it goes in. I'm sorry you've had such shit weather this year.

    Heartinhand- Am doing. I promise.

    Jenny_o- I would not mind if they put on my gravestone, "She did not know shit."
    Of course, since I'm to be cremated, there will be no gravestone.

    Steve Reed- Took a walk. Not like one of yours! But a pretty good one for me.

  8. You know -- you are right, as are the other commenters here. Enough with the staying in the head and mulling (I'm talking to myself). Enough. I need to MOOOOOOVE.

  9. I feel pretty convinced that these things come from a complex combination of mineral and vitamin lack or imbalances. But finding out what those might be and implementing a programme that works is an enormous challenge. One I have neither the cash nor the energy for.

  10. Hope the tension eases into a happy state of bliss. I don't like the downers out of the blue either.


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