Monday, March 30, 2015

Strange day so far. Two things which I thought were going to happen- the boys coming out and a friend of Mr. Moon's staying the night here before a fishing trip- are not happening.
I can't seem to settle into a day and it's well half-over.

Elvis is not doing well. Right now he's standing under the kitchen porch, Miss Butterscotch keeping vigil at his sickbed. I have offered him bread with yogurt and olive oil but he is not touching it. When Mr. Moon gets home we'll try and clear that crop again.
I feel so sad.
I've read so much online and so many people do actually take their chickens to the vet but I don't think I'm that sort of chicken keeper. What if we take him and they say that he'll need surgery? Which, from what I've read, is a possibility.

No. Not doing that. As magnificent as he is, as much as we love him, that just seems too precious and crazy to me.


We massaged his crop again. Not much came out. I don't think our Elvis is going to make it.


  1. You can take him and then decide on the outcome after you know...But I wouldn't blame you a bit if you didn't opt for that.

    Oh, Elvis. This is sad.

  2. Sorry for Elvis and for you. I think you have the right mix of love, care, and pragmatism.

  3. Oh my it seems some people do the surgery themselves

    I wish Elvis the best. Gail

  4. SJ- I'm not sure at all that anyone around here treats chickens. I just feel like it's not the right thing to do. I just feel so sad. So sad.

    Sylvia- I am trying to tell myself that.

    Gail- Whoa. I've read warnings all over the internet about doing this. I don't think I could handle it. Plus- I don't have any suturing equipment.

  5. I don't think I could do it either. I was just shocked by that blog and that they just cut the chicken open like that. Gail

  6. This makes me so sad. Is he in pain? Is there medicine that is easy to acquire and give to him? I know he is "just" a chicken but man.

  7. So sad,hope he recovers.

  8. I'm so sorry. I've been thinking of you and him all morning.

    I'm still hoping.

  9. This is the sad side of keeping chickens, they steal a bit of our hearts as we tend them, and then they pass...sweet roosters are few and far between. Be well, Elvis Florida Moonbird.

  10. Gail- Seriously. But I guess chickens are sturdy animals.

    Angella- Well, it's just a rooster. know. Elvis has had my heart for quite some years.

    Jill- There is a anti-fungal I could give him for the infection he probably has but I'd have to get it from a vet. So no, not really.

    Ramona- That's what I keep saying. "Come on, old boy. Come on."

    Denise- I feel a bit indulgent, having this much sadness for a damn chicken's our Elvis.

    Big Mamabird- I love that. Elvis Florida Moonbird. That he is.

  11. This morning I stopped and found and internet hotspot so I could use my ipod to see how Elvis was doing. He is not just a chicken. He is Elvis. A good husband. IF he goes I hope it is peaceful and surrounded by his wives.

  12. Birdie- Me too, darling. Me too. Thank you.

  13. Perhaps there is an avian vet nearby if there is a Bird of Prey center. I sure hope that he will be okay. He is a fixture.


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