Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bacon And Possibly Too Much Nature

Well, the music is rocking down at Papa Jay's and so I went down and checked it out. They have a DJ and grills and folks are sitting on the backs of their pick-up trucks and it's a pretty big day in Lloyd.
I didn't take any pictures because I am shy.
But. I made a purchase. My first purchase at the new store in Lloyd, Florida, and what did I get?

That's right. Bacon.
Okay. It's not GOURMET bacon.

But it wasn't made in China either. So it'll do. 

Jessie and some of her girl friends might come over for a sleepover tonight after a wedding in Monticello and I was thinking they might need some bacon with breakfast in the morning. So...there you go. I'm ready. 

Papa Jay has everything you can imagine. Medicines for tummy and head-aches, beautiful deli meats all ready to slice, a few fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of canned goods. Bread, milk, eggs, BACON. Soaps, detergents, paper goods, socks, undershirts, hats. Some tools. Beer. And lots of it. I hear that's the most popular item so far which does not really surprise me. He told me, "If you want something you don't see, just let me know. I'll get it in." 
My goodness. 

Ran into my neighbors who were walking up there as I was walking back. They agree with me that this could be a very sweet thing for Lloyd. The church next door has activities going on today too so things in Lloyd are busy on this fine spring day. 

Did not see the snake in the hen house this morning but as you can imagine, I examined things closely before I stuck my hand anywhere to gather eggs. I should clean the place out but my burn is looking pretty funky and I'm not sure I want to get chicken poop bacteria all up in that right now. Same with garden soil although I may cave and just wrap bandaids all over it and put gloves on. 

In other news I have entered a contest. I'm thinking I might win because my heart is pure. 
You can enter too, if you want to but seriously, I'm probably going to be selected. 
And then all of my dreams will have come true. Mostly. 

Well, that's about all the excitement my heart can handle today although I am definitely thinking about doing something to decrease the baby spider population on my porch. It's getting slightly out of hand and that porch is right off my bedroom. I saw a picture somewhere on the internet about a spider invasion and damn if it didn't look sort of like what I have going on which gave me pause. I mean- should I be freaked out? 

One entirely hatched batch and one hatching batch. There are more. See how unimpressive it looks? Well, check this out. (WARNING: DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE ARACHNOPHOBIA! I'M SERIOUS. JUST DON'T!)

That's just one small bit of the little cloud of darkness you saw above, the shot taken with my real camera with a lens that magnifies and shit. 
Sort of fascinating. Sort of horrifying.
Not unlike much of life.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think I can feel my heart beating faster just thinking about it. And eh, looking at the picture. Shudder. There should be a little machine that sucks them all up and then lets you shoot them out into the woods. I suppose they're a first line of defense against mosquitoes, though?

  2. Mary Moon, I hope you win - that would be awesome.

  3. The best part of the contest is a trip to an undisclosed location. I hope you win. You should. If they had a place where you needed letters of testimony, I'd write one. I am glad you supported your local store.

  4. Ha, yes, I think you should win too. We'd all write in to attest to your superior fan status.

  5. Hm, I'd think anoles would be all over those baby spiders and they'd be gone in no time. But I guess there's a big balance to life.

  6. OmgOmgOmg, that contest. It's made for you.

    Do snakes eat spiders? I fucking hope so.

    I'm wishing Papa Jay luck all the way from California!

  7. Jo- I just physically removed them with a giant brush thing and put them outside. And yes, the webs of the adult mamas do indeed catch some mosquitoes.

    jenny_o- Harumph! It's not that great a contest. Damn.

    Joanne- I love that- "Undisclosed location." Maybe it could be Lloyd?

    Jo- No need. But thank you.

    NOLA- They are encased in a very sticky fine web. I guess this is protection against the anoles.

    Denise- I don't think snakes eat spiders but I don't know shit. If Papa Jay only knew....

  8. I hope you win that contest! And then NO WAY can you be shy with your camera. Cuz we'll all want picts.


  9. Elizabeth- I know. Right?

    Michelle- I think I'd be taking pictures of a recorder in an undisclosed spot. Bah!

  10. Irregular-sliced bacon? I didn't know such a thing even existed. I wonder where Papa Jay gets it?? But hey, it's all the same flavour-wise, right?

  11. Not afraid of snakes or spiders. Yours truly, your scientist pal.


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