Friday, March 20, 2015

A Most Special Day

Do you remember that? Three years ago on another first day of spring, that boy came to us, fat and fine and was courteous enough to arrive between breakfast and lunch and no one even missed a meal. A perfect home birth, Lily and her sisters, her mama, her husband and the midwife. Jason actually caught Gibson under the guidance of Diana and this is what a family who has had a beautiful home birth looks like the next day.

Angel boy. Tiny old monkey man.

Now of course, he looks like this.

Lily's giving him a little party tonight and I'll be there. His Boppy will not be, sadly. Mr. Moon has already had a full day getting ready to go to Dog Island to take a vehicle over there with our partner which involves a landing craft and I don't even know what all. All the stuff you take to Dog Island which is everything: food, water, booze, your favorite pillow. Parts of appliances which have broken down, gas for the vehicle, spare everything you might need. 
Well. I'll stay here and represent at the party and take care of the chickens and ducks who have already laid me four eggs and old Miss Mabel is on the nest and she may be laying an egg or she may be hiding from Mick "Spare Parts" Jagger. I do not know. The petals of the Bradford pear blooms are drifting down and the fog, which was dense this morning is clearing and the ducks are waddling about, heading now to the pond and Mick is escorting them. 
The fog in my head is clearing too and I think I'll take a walk. 

It's been a hard week for me but I think I feel better today and I'm mighty glad about that because it's a special day- a boy's third birthday, the first day of spring and I don't want to have to fight through the mess my mind has been in to get to a place of true gratefulness. 
And maybe even enjoyment. 

Happy birthday, Gibson! Happy Birth Day, Lily Mama! Happy Annual Rebirth Day, Planet Earth!

Let there be joy. Let us all feel it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I remember! His brother, too. A fine day. I hope this one will be. It's been a hard one for me also. Love you!

  2. A good day to be born. Right on the vernal equinox. And my dear wife's birthday is tomorrow, but we are doing some celebrating today.

  3. Happy birthday! Here is a present for you, ms moon: apparently Bill Murray was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Rose in on a horse, wearing a dress.

  4. May the birthday boy and his family have a fine time. What a sweet baby he was, and what a beautiful child now.

  5. SJ- As this day goes along, I find myself feeling better and better. I hope you do too!

    Syd- Yay for celebrating! Yay for spring and birthdays of our beloveds!

    Sarah- I would totally wear that outfit. I adore that man. Thanks!

    Jenny_o- He was the happiest baby. Smiled all the time. He's still pretty happy. Unless I won't let him watch Egg Surprise videos on my phone. Then he can get rather surly.

  6. What a beautiful boy! I'm so so grateful I did a natural birth. And now I can't imagine doing it any other way. I feel it today, too, the promise of something. I like these days better and they mean so much more now. Enjoy your walk! Sounds like a beautiful day there. xoxo

  7. Happy, happy birthday sweet Gibson! I remember his birthday and it was so beautiful. I wish Lily a happy birth day too and you a 2nd happy Mer day! Love to this big happy family. That Gibson is so very lucky to be part of.

  8. Cannot believe it is already three years since we all shared in the miracle of his birth... amazing.. I do hope he had just the very best birthday party with his family and loved ones, and Nana.. thinking of you all on this lovely day.. hugs from across the pond, Janzi

  9. happy spring! the shirts the boys had on their vacation remind me that i was going to name my theoretical goats thing one and thing two.

    enjoy all that today brings!


  10. I have become one of those people who say, "Where does the time go?" Seriously, how can he be 3?

  11. Happy birthday to your beautiful grandboy. What light there is in his smile!

  12. So good to be away a long time and come back and find that home has only gotten a little older and sweeter, and its heart is unchanged. Love you all, dear ones.

  13. Happy Birthday, Gibson,,,You are love and light in the flesh...May you and grandma share many more birthdays together.

  14. Rachel- For me, it was a lesson in just how very strong and wise my body can be. Having my children helped me tremendously to reclaim my physical self.

    Joanne- And Gibson just takes it all for granted. As well he should! Because he is such a part of it. It's a beautiful thing.

    Janzi- It was a wild birthday party! Children bouncing off walls and running around the yard and demanding food which they did not eat! It was great! Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Mrs. A- Well, you could make those goats real, right?

    Birdie- Me too, baby. I swear.

    Angella- Yep. He's a joy, that one.

    Angie C- So good to see you here again!

    e- Your lips to god's ear!

  15. I remember. That sweet boy joining his family. Three years have gone fast.


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