Sunday, March 29, 2015

Trying Our Best To Save Our Rooster

We went out and Mr. Moon easily grabbed Elvis who was sipping at the water faucet by the garden. It was a bad sign that he wasn't already in the roost. He is always the one who calls the hens in at night. He was out while all the ladies and Mick were already in.

Mr. Moon held his head down (he did not fight at all) and I massaged him from crop to throat and yes, foamy stinky stuff came out. We did that over and over until nothing more issued from his throat and then we put him in the roost.

We have done our best. We patted him and I kissed him and now it is up to his own abilities to heal. We can do this again tomorrow if need be.

And we will.


  1. Ok I'm all caught up.
    Poor Elvis! He is so lucky to be a Moon rooster! I'm sure he wil be fine, but if he isn't, it won't be from lack of trying!
    That air plant? Perfect!
    I'm so envious of your garden. I am vowing to plant vegetables this year in whatever will hold them. I don't care if I have a yard full of plastic 5 gallon pails, I need fresh lettuce!
    Your take on religion is bang on.

  2. They fill full of infection sometimes
    No matter what you do..... Just make them comfortable x

  3. heartinhand- We are doing the bet we can. It's not always enough.

    John Gray- You have no idea how often I wish I could call you to discuss these things. We shall do our best for our rooster.

  4. Oh, dear. I am fond of that Rooster. Please keep us posted. I hope he has a few good crows in him yet. And of course the violent humping.

  5. There is just nothing worse than a sick bird, especially when they close their eyes.

  6. Poor his crop squidgy, or hard? If squidgy, I'd say he has sour crop, so emptying it is good. You could try offering him some yoghurt. If his crop feels hard, he likely has an impaction in it. You can try olive oil, and plenty of water, but I've found the best thing is live white maggots. They'll eat their way through the impaction.
    Somewhat vile, but effective.
    I hope he, and you, have a restful night.

    I remain envious of your Spring crops. Although the temperature crept briefly above zero today, the snowpack is still deep. I'm sure I caught a faint whiff of Spring, though!

    Mrs F

  7. I am hoping Elvis pulls through. Hoping hard.

  8. I am here hoping too. He is a fine bird.

  9. I know your heart won't be easy until Elvis is strutting again. I hope that will be very soon. Love.

  10. Ah, Jesus, maggots? Blorg. See, I'm not tough enough for this gig.

  11. oh no, not Elvis! I had to catch-up which I have done.

  12. Is this an infection or some kind of stopped up crop?


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