Friday, March 13, 2015

It Doesn't Get Better Than This

Today has been a stellar day. My theory that I am somewhat bi-polar continues in that I felt so much myself this morning that I put on a little eye-liner and shadow and perfume before I went to town to pick up Hank where he's house-sitting and I had such a good time at lunch. We went to Fanny's so we got to see May and Taylor and eat delicious foods while eating outside.

Owen eating the bacon and lettuce on a bun sandwich which he loves and Gibson eating the Gibson sampler platter which is pickled okra, deviled eggs and potato chips. When we got there, I hugged my boys so hard and asked Owen to tell me all his secrets. He dragged me away to sit by the little pool and did so. I had to promise not to tell anyone what they are but I will say that one of them involved stealing a baby dinosaur and keeping it in a safe in his house and feeding it cats because it is a meat eater. 
And another one, whispered at the end was, "I love you."

After lunch I went to the Goodwill (manic behavior- wanting to shop) and spent thirty damn dollars. I bought a beautiful purse bag which, when I sent pictures to Lily she proclaimed as looking as if it were made from a couch. I texted back, "A really cute couch."

I also bought a fine leather-bound journal, a tablecloth which has about four years' worth of hand-stitching on it, a Gap purple very soft v-necked T-shirt, and a red and black dress which doesn't look that great on me but which fits. 

I consider all of that a major score. 

And when I was looking through the dresses, a woman told me, "If you see anything slinky, sexy or slutty let me know." 
Holy opportunity, Batman!
I found her a dress which she loved.
"I could wear that to dinner!" she said. 
"And if you play your cards right, you could at least get a drink or two out of it," I said. 
"Or a movie!" she replied.
I felt as if I'd done my job.

And Mr. Moon and I have had a martini and I have rosemary and Kalamata olive bread rising

 and he's got charcoals going to grill steaks which I have smeared with olive oil and smashed garlic . 
I don't think I could ask for anything more and yet, here is something else that happened to me today- when I was hugging Owen good-bye after lunch, he said to me, "Mer. I will always be here for you."

I swear to you, that is what he told me. Five years old. And I almost died. 
"And I will always be here for you," I said, stumbling over reality. "Or, until I'm not. And I will ALWAYS be in your heart," I told him. "Always."

Dear god, let this be so. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This post made my day. Owen is a very wise little boy :)

  2. What deeply wonderful conversations you have with Owen.

  3. Owen is a keeper.
    And I definitely want some of that bread.

  4. I would like to borrow Owen for an hour or so if I may. I need him.

  5. Dear god, that child.

    And I want some of your breaaad!

  6. Those boys are so big and beautiful!

    Visiting you again makes my heart happy.


  7. Way cool ....what a great day....much love from the Bug

  8. Sweet Owen. I say that so many times in comments but it is fitting. The martinis, steak, and time with Mr Moon were the icing on the cake of a great day.

  9. What a kid! You are so lucky to have such sweet boys. I know I don't have to tell you. Glad you had such a nice day.

  10. All of it -- this whole post -- is a keeper, particularly that Owen.

    I love that you helped the lady in the Goodwill. Maybe when you're ancient, and everyone in your life is taking care of themselves, you can go work at the Goodwill as a personal shopper!

  11. Andrea- Wise AND so very, very sweet to his Mer.

    A- It's true. We get right down to the important stuff. Baby dinosaurs, love, etc.

    Marty- The bread turned out good. And yes, I believe we'll hang on to this kid. And his brother.

    Joanne- We ALL need an Owen. I am so lucky to have this one.

    Jo- Seriously. That boy. The bread is fit to eat.

    Michelle- Having you visit me makes my heart happy.

    The Bug- Yes it was! Thanks.

    Jill- Amen, sweetie.

    Kelly- Yes. But I love hearing it, too.

    Elizabeth- GOD! I could finally have a career! I think I'd be good at it.

  12. I love young children. They are so real. Then we send them to school which is necessary in our culture, in our evolution. Love them unconditionally, see them as much as possible and they will love you forever. My 16 yr old grandgirl is here this weekend by choice. Also, we also went shopping at our favorite resale junk shops and even found a new one. Once again we live parallel lives.

  13. Owen's words are what each of us longs to hear. Sweet

  14. Awww. That Owen!

    Sadly it's not hard to spend $30 at a Goodwill any more. Remember when you'd have had to buy a TRUCKLOAD of stuff to spend that kind of money there?


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