Saturday, March 14, 2015

Did It!

As Gibson would say.

I finally got the jungle outside where it's happiest, where it belongs. All of the plants survived the winter being inside although some by a hair's breadth. By the time they've recovered nicely, it will be time to drag them back in. Unless a comet hits the earth or that Pi thing I was worried about happens tonight in which case- who cares?

And really, who cares anyway but me? But that's what matters. Mr. Moon had to get the little dolly cart out to move the really giant ones but now it's done and I am grateful and will definitely be doing some mopping tomorrow to finish the tidy-up. I repotted some plants and clipped a bunch too.

Hank came out and visited this afternoon. He's house-sitting not too far away so he hung out with his mama some this afternoon. We talked about birds and chickens and I heated him up a bowl of black beans and rice and sliced him a piece of my bread. We also talked about books and cats. His cat, Humbert, has taken a turn for the much better now that Hank has him on the high-dollar gluten-free cat food from the New Leaf. Turns out that if the cat eats anything besides basically MEAT, he suffers horrible gastric and neurological problems. But he is doing well now, fattening up and being all happy and healthy and stuff and so Hank has decided that he needs a new name so he has been rechristened Johnny Karate whom I take it is some sort of Ninja character because Johnny Karate, nee Humbert, runs about and knocks everything off of the shelves and tables when no one is looking.
I came up with a new theory about cats today as we walked about the yard with Maurice trailing us, pretending as always that she had no interest, NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER, in what we were doing. My theory is that cats are the animals left by the aliens after the great Alien/Primate genetic experiment which led to what we now call humans, to observe us and report our behaviors to the Alien Masters. Which of course they do by psychic communication.

I mean seriously, what else could explain cats?

Of course the great Alien/Primate experiment is another theory of mine but one which I firmly believe in. Just look around, people. Some of us are WAY too much alien and some of us are WAY too much ape.
I hate to give examples but honestly- can the fact that Stephen Hawking and Sylvester Stallone exist on the same planet, both as human beings, be explained any other way?
I think not.

Okay. Well, obviously today's thinking on my part is all highly scientific and mathematical and shit.
It has been a very nice day and I'm glad I got my goal accomplished and that I got to spend time with my son who makes me laugh so hard sometimes. He left with a copy of Keith Richards' autobiography and I am most excited for him to read it. I think he will enjoy it. He has always loved music and his father is a guitar player. And he has made me promise to start reading Terry Pratchett which for some reason, I never have, and I am looking forward to that tremendously. I have no idea why I've never read any of his books but I shall begin.

Mr. Moon and I are going to play cards now. My scientific and mathematical brain will ensure my success at rummy, I am sure.

As I have said many times, Mr. Moon always wins. I call it luck. He calls it...well, he's too polite to tell me what he calls it.

Oh my god! Prairie Home Companion is on! Gotta go!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. There is this rounded sansaviera that I fell completely in love with recently and I am thinking of getting one and putting it in a pot for my patio and bringing it inside when it gets too cold. There's some space in my kitchen for it. And a couple of other pots.

    And that made me think of you, and it made me think that I'm becoming an adult in some way.

  2. Sounds like a fun day -- and I, too, have never read a Terry Pratchett book. You'll have to tell me whether I should.

  3. Cats as secret informers for aliens. I believe you've found the answer. It makes perfect sense.

  4. Oo. I don't know if you'll love the Discworld novels. Though, I also don't understand how anyone might not, so ... all the Witches ones, you'll definitely be friends with them.

    But one he wrote recently-ish, non- Discworld, I adored, it's called Nation, and I found it so beautiful.

  5. I think everyone should read Terry Pratchett. They're funny, they're full of humanity and common sense... I can't imagine not having read Terry Pratchett. But then, I like fantasy fiction, a lot, even though there's no other world or style like his, really. And it's also heavily rooted in English culture so might not ring so familiar with a US audience, I dunno. I think it's beloved there too, though.

  6. I've got her starting with Wyrd Sisters, because yes, she'll like the Witches best.

  7. I love the witches ones (Granny Weatherwax is my hero) but also the Captain Vimes ones, T Pratchett books are on my reread forever list... and your porch looks like paradise...

  8. NOLA- Committing to a plant is much like committing to an animal or a child. Yes, it is a sign of adulthood. I think.

    Elizabeth- Oh. You know I will.

    Marty- Right?

    Jo- Noted. I love English culture. It makes me feel comforted and right at home.

    John Grey- Isn't it lovely? I actually use it. It brings me so much pleasure.

    That Hank- As always, I trust you completely.

    Big Mamabird- My porch is paradise. I can't wait to meet these witches.

  9. I LOVED that post.

    I just finished my first Pratchett days before he died. It was Good Omens, one he wrote together with Neil Gaiman. I loved it. Very clever and funny. I think you'd love it to. It's some kind of a cult thing.

    It's three in the morning here and I'm still up because I just read all of The Bride Stripped Bare in one go. Did you ever read that? Also one Id recommend to you.

    I'd better get some sleep now.
    Love from Belgium.

  10. I also moved all my plants outside today. The smaller ones have been out a few times but today I took the plumerias out.

  11. Cats really only pretend. Secretly, they have much curiosity. My father used to say that curiosity killed the cat.

  12. because CATS is often exclaimed loudly and with swears here.

    tony loves terry pratchett, i hope you enjoy it if you check his work out.

    sounds like you had a fitting PI day. we made pie and tony installed a new dishwasher.


  13. Fien- The Bride Stripped Bare? I think I must read that. I am so glad you are here again. Love from Lloyd to you!

    Ellen Abbott- Are the same person?

    Syd- I wonder why they go to all the trouble to pretend they have no interest. That is what mystifies me.

    Mrs. A- Sounds like a good day at your house, too!

  14. I've never read Terry Pratchett either! Like Elizabeth, I will be waiting for your report. Hank sounds like a great guy to have around.

  15. Yep. Cats.

    I've never read T. P. either!

    Did you win at rummy?

  16. Your son and his cat sound wonderful...heck, I enjoy reading about your family and all the goings on...As for cats, they are the nearest things to angels on earth, IMO...Strange sometimes, but who isn't?

    Peaceful dreams to you.

  17. You crack me up! Maurice is definitely other worldly. I love your relationship with your children.


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