Sunday, March 22, 2015


Jessie and Melissa and Stephanie spent the night last night and it was so sweet, having them here. They've all been friends for years and play music together and we sat around the table on the back porch and talked and laughed until everyone got so sleepy and we all went to bed, the rain falling gently in the night.

I was the last one up this morning and offered to make pancakes but Jessie said she wanted to make eggs and bacon so I made biscuits and it was all good. Papa Jay's bacon was indeed good value, the pieces of irregular size but tasty.

It rained most of the night and look at what I found on the leaves of the rose plant on the kitchen porch:

At first I didn't know what I was seeing and then realized that each leaf had become bejeweled in the night, as perfectly as if done by an angel with pearls and a glue gun. 

Jessie's just gone home with Greta, the other girls having left earlier. I made Jessie walk around the yard with me before she left. We found pretty things. 

Carpet of wisteria petals.

The first blossom of the tung tree. 

I also stumbled over one of these.

Ah, my loves. Time to kick the bamboo. Suddenly it is everywhere. Overnight it has sprung up. 

The birds have been singing and feeding with raucous abandon and the chickens have been laying and I've been out to the hen house at least four times to gather eggs and see who's on the nest. Right now Camellia is and also Miss Sharon, one of the old hens, and before she got on that nest, Miss Mabel, another old hen was sitting there. I can't wait to see if they are actually laying me eggs- that is the level of excitement upon which I am operating today.
And to be honest, most days. 
I'm also being fascinated by watching Mick run to the hen house when one of the hens cackles her cry after she lays which is one of the duties of the rooster- to escort the hen back to the flock safely. He suddenly got the flick on it, how that call means HIM but then he's so confused when Elvis is already there. He is doing well as a rooster-in-training. They'll work it out. 

My god. It's already one-thirty and I should straighten up a little bit around here before Mr. Moon gets in. He's on his way back from the island and will be here soon. I haven't seen the snake today but I feel certain it's in there somewhere. 

Lazy day. And sweet.

Happy spring, y'all. I hope that wherever you are you are getting a bit of it, at least. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Those photos are perfection. The jewelled leaf... incredible. Nature!

    Love to think of Jessie and her friends on the porch and sleeping sweetly with the rain falling. Lovely picture.

  2. The rose leaf - beautiful!

    Your biscuits look beautiful, too.

    What does "time to kick the bamboo" mean?

  3. Jo- Thank you for seeing what I saw. It was very sweet.

    Jenny_o- This time of year the bamboo sends up new bamboo shoots from the roots which reach, as far as I can tell, from here to Detroit. We like them to grow in certain border places but not in other places. When one pokes its head out of the dirt and we don't want it there, we kick it over and that sprout will not happen. And they grow like six inches or more a day and I'm not kidding. You have to be on top of it. It's so exciting! As you can imagine.

  4. As almost always our weather is a day behind yours so we woke this morning to a mist-shriven landscape which was at once gloomily uninspiring, and joyfully encouraging IF your hope for the day was to read and nap and apply your culinary inspiration to the smart use of leftovers while your book faced you on the cookbook stand. *luckyme*

    Love to all Moons, great and small.

  5. Our Chinese flame tree literally leafed out overnight. So wild -- spring!

  6. I'd heard of American biscuits but never seen them. It looks like something Babes and the children would love. Maybe I will have to try making them sometime. They all love chowder as well, and I think that's from roughly around your way, too.

    I am getting some Spring - yesterday, on my run, it was 5 degrees, feels like 1 (Celcius, obviously, so near freezing), but the sun was out and warm on my face.

  7. I love that rose leaf photo! I wonder if our roses do the same thing? I am going to have to look now.

    It seems a shame to kick such a beautifully perfect pointed bamboo sprout -- but I completely understand why you have to!

  8. Mary, thanks for the explanation. Six inches a day! And I didn't realize bamboo grows on our continent. Very interesting!


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