Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why Can't I Just Sleep All Day?

Well if you've come here today looking for sweetness and light, I suggest you go elsewhere.
I just don't have it in me today.

There's nothing wrong, this is just the way it is sometimes.

Gray sky and heavy. A day for going back and thinking about all I wish I had done differently.

I hate Facebook. Everyone is happier than I am, doing things I'll never do. Exploring spirituality and getting up to watch the sunrise and being mindful and eating properly and having deep, deep thoughts and rescuing dogs and saving the planet.

Unless they're dying. Or missing.

Okay. Guess I'll go take the trash. There's something I'm capable of doing.



  1. You can count on my facebook for bitching and cat videos, so that must be why we're friends :)

    Otherwise, it can totally be the worst for feeling like you have to measure up. You have cooler friends than I do though. I mostly have a lot of "be your best self today" inspirational flower posts.

    You're always sweetness and light to me :)

  2. I'm so sorry you're having one of those days! I totally understand and have been there too often lately. Too much time on my own to think about all I haven't accomplished yet! Do take care!


  3. SJ- The crap people post on FB, thinking it's enlightening or something. Don't even get me started. I'm like, "Really? This is meaningful to you? Get the fuck out of my face."
    Okay. That pretty much sums it up for me today.
    I love you.

    Blogget Jones- Do you have a blog? Thanks for the kind words. I'm trying to get my head out of my ass. I swear.

  4. It's been a gloomy week here. is still gloomy and my mood has reflected it. woke up to heavy rain this morning. I hate FB too but not because everyone is so happy but because it is the source of all that is wrong with the world, every little hateful act is plastered and shared over and over. maybe I need to unlike all those pages and just stick to people.

  5. I'm a little gloomy this morning, too. My dad, who's been visiting from 'up north' for ten days, pulled out into the sea fog earlier, heading home. He's almost 81 years old, still grieves for my Mom who passed almost six years ago, but really seemed to enjoy his time here. I'll spend the next two days estimating where he is and suppressing the urge to call him every thirty minutes. Oh, and we only have eight days left in Florida before we have to pack up and head north, too. I need a nap just thinking about it! Hope your day shapes up to something resembling happy!

  6. I SHOULD take out the trash. I'm trying.....yeah.

    Good Morning.


  7. Your "I hate facebook" paragraph cracked me up.

    FUCK IT.

  8. I've never done Facebook. And I've never read anything good about it. Is there anything good about it? Now I'm curious.

    Hope your day gets better, Mary.

  9. I tried to wring out every minute of sleep I could this morning. I stayed in bed until I just couldn't anymore. It's indeed that kind of day.

  10. You have my permission to stay in be as long as you want and can today. I together you.

  11. I love you changed to "I together you?" ?????? I love you.

  12. I'm not on the FB. It's awesome.

  13. Oh, Mary Moon. You make me want to eat some pancakes. I think I'll just drink some coffee instead. And yeah, take out the trash.

  14. I tried to leave a comment here earlier but my phone ate it.

    I wanted to say I had that exact same day. And that I'm trying to remember tomorrow will probably be better, and if not tomorrow then most likely the day after.


  15. Not that it is a contest but I can tell you that I am not happier than you. But maybe tomorrow will be better.

  16. I spent the night on the boat and had an anxiety dream. Woke up feeling shaken, reminding myself that I don't have to take anymore tests in my life unless I want to. My unworthiness comes out in strange ways.

    A gloomy rainy day here too. I am accomplishing little today.

  17. Those folks on facebook are just living fairy tales on there. They show and tell what they want you to think about them. It's usually not, so don't envy them. Your life is true and real. Theirs is most likely fake and trumped up. CJ

  18. It's a couple days later - I don't know where the time's gone since I've been here - but I feel the same. You should get off facebook. There's no need to be on it. Ya know? Everyone is not happier than you, I'm fucking miserable, if it makes you feel any better, and sometimes your tales of love and family make my heart ache and my shame and guilt spike, and my tears flow, much as I'm happy for you to have it and love to read about it.

    So... all is not always what it seems, I guess. Or happiness and misery can live side by side and not show up in photos and status updates. But you know that, of course.

  19. I just saw your question! Yes, I have a blog: :o)


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