Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To And Fro And For What Purpose?

I cooked today. I did laundry, I made the bed up with clean sheets. I chopped and sliced and gathered and picked. I washed sinks full of dishes. I swept until I got a blister on my thumb. I walked in the woods, I walked from one end of my house to the other more times than I can count, I walked to the compost, the hen house, the garden, to porches and always back again. I barely stopped moving once, despite my "being still" prediction for the day. I felt as if I was running from something. What? I don't know. Just keep moving.
Is that what we all do? Just keep moving, running not towards something because ultimately, that is always death, but from something, which could also be defined as death, I suppose.

This sounds morbid but it's also interesting. And perhaps why we're supposed to meditate, be mindful. Be here now. Otherwise it's all just running from and to.

Well, today, on this part of the circular journey I moved. And now the sun is getting low in the sky and the black beans and rice are cooked. The chicken and dumplings are home with Jessie. The husband is working in the garage. My body is tired and tonight I will sleep well again. And even in this day of movement, I have stopped to notice the swelling of the fig branches, the leafing of the mulberry, the little piece of grassy woodland which I had not noticed before on my walk, filled with violets. And no trash at all. One pristine place of pure sweet beauty.


Like two clashing thoughts held in the mind at the same time- the deep red of a camellia, the soft purple of the Japanese magnolia.
I will meditate on that.

That's all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Very lovely. Sounds like a well-spent day. Gosh those flowers are gorgeous.

  2. That's a beautiful color combination. You are always mindful to me, even when you don't realize it.

  3. I once told my mom that I felt like life was basically carrying objects from place to place. Which is similar to your rushing around, I guess. Still, you are always very observant, watching with your writer's eye!

  4. I don't sit still for long. I like to be doing things. but that is life. we wake up because we didn't die. once awake we are hungry so we cook. then we have to clean up the dishes, feed the livestock, and just do the things that make living life. we're not running to or from anything, just being here now.

  5. Your colours are inspiring!

    Some days my mind just goes into what I would call a meditative state while doing chores and/or moving, esp. repetitive stuff like ironing or pedalling along the long straight stretch for 15 min. which is part of my way home.

  6. I think you are an amazing person in so many ways. Your working and staying so busy makes me tired.


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