Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beauty And Beasts And Roosters And Shit

It's such a beautiful day here, chilly and cloudless and bright and I'm in a pissy mood. I just watched Maurice do a vertical leap and snatch a tiny bird. One of my old black hens is missing. Elvis is depressed and aging fast, probably due to me introducing Mick to the flock. All he does is stand around and not even crow. I feel terrible about this. Meanwhile Mick's all Yeah, I'm the man!

I need to get to town to buy plants and seeds for the summer garden. And sheets for the beds on Dog Island. It's Springtime Tallahassee today which means that thousands of people will be downtown and I'll have to avoid that whole area which is no problem, really.

Goddamn it! Maurice just did it again.

I swear. Nature.

I'll report in later.

Love...Ms. Pissy


  1. Nature. You're right about it. Poor Elvis. But two months ago, poor Mick. But what can you do? It's the way of nature.

  2. Ms. Moon! I'm sorry you're pissy. I just found out where the stray yard chicken has been laying her eggs: in the neighbor's yard and he doesn't want them. I was the recipient of seven eggs and promptly had to consult the internet to see if I should eat them. (I ate three of them. They were delicious.)

  3. In this concrete urban place where I live I see so little nature on a daily basis. It's easy to lose sight of how beautiful and yet raw the natural world can be. You keep it real. I do hope the dark cloud lifts soon. Loving you from here.

  4. Oh I hate that bird thing. One I had my two cats, one never killed anything--was terrified of the outdoors. The other was a murderess.

    Tell Elvis I love him. He's the most marvelous rooster ever.

  5. Maybe if you tell Elvis that he is sexy he will feel better. Poor old guy.

  6. I feel bad for Elvis. I wondered if this would happen.

  7. If I knew what the actual words were, I'd sing the opening line to the Lion King's Circle of Life.
    "Eeengnnna baba weechee woo whoa..."
    That is some early morning comedy right there, Mary.
    (I was pissy yesterday too.)

  8. Maybe Maurice needs a bell to keep her from snatching birds. How long do chickens live?


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