Friday, March 27, 2015

And I Won't Forget To Put Roses On Your Grave

I know who the note came from. But who did the darling coffee cup come from? Jo? Was it you? I tried to email you. Am I using the wrong email address? Anyway, I love this cup. It is perfect and it fits my hand just right and is neither too big nor too small and it shows a lovely maid hanging clothes on the line and it has three hens and a fancy rooster on it.
Thank you. It is already well in use.

I just got back from my walk. 3.5 miles, thank you very much. And since I used the health app I don't know how long it took me because I forgot to check the time when I started but less than an hour. I feel good, pushing it. I downloaded two of the other apps suggested and one wanted all sorts of information and one started flashing ads and I deleted them both.
See how fussy I am?

Anyway, so how's life where you are today? It's gray in Lloyd and I barely beat the rain on my walk. All this rain has had its way with the trees. Some of it good, some of it a bit scary. Last night Mr. Moon and I heard a great crash and I, wearing shoes, grabbed the flashlight and went out to see what had fallen and where. No cars were hurt, the sheds had intact roofs. Then I noticed a car going by my house and having to slow down and then the sound of crunching.
I went to the front yard and shined the flashlight on the road to see a largish but not huge rotten limb, fallen from a water oak in my front yard right across the pavement. I proceeded to drag it over to the side of the road so that no one wrecked because of it and was picking up sheets of soft, resurrection-covered fern when a truck came down the road. The driver stopped and said, "Are you all right?"
"Yes!" I said. "I am fine! Thank-you!"
"Just wanted to check," he said. He pulled into the driveway of the church next door, turned around and went back in the direction he had come from. I think he had been stopped at the light and saw me with my flashlight out in the road and drove down just to make sure all was well.
There are good people in Lloyd. We help take care of each other.

I started using a comfrey cream which I bought in Apalachicola a few years ago on my burn. It's some locally made stuff and has, beyond comfrey in it, other stuff which I can't read off the label because my eyes suck which is due to the fact that I'm old. I mean, my eyes have always sucked, but only for far-away. I need a damn magnifying glass these days to read small print and luckily, I have the one my grandfather used to use but I don't feel like getting it out. Anyway, the stuff smells lovely and my burn, since applying the cream, has begun to heal at the speed of light. It truly is amazing. I am also starting to get feeling back in the afflicted area which I think is probably a good thing.

Anyway, la-di-dah, the boys are coming over soon and I'm feeling a bit Keithy. How about you? You'd love to hear a little music? A little Keith, a little Willie?

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hooray for that comfrey cream.
    And hooray for that wonderful music video! Thank you. It's lifting my heart!

  2. I'm glad you had a good walk. Have you tried runkeeper? I used to use that. Now I use a special watch instead of my phone and I don't think that has a pedometer, but I use it for running.
    I'm glad that branch didn't fall on your house/car/hen house.

  3. We've had to put some temporary fencing up to try to keep the geese contained. They are getting on the road so much, looking for greens, we worry they will be hit even though so far everyone has been very careful of them...That cup is perfect! We are having a grey day too, just warm enough to keep slowly unthawing the world.

  4. Denise- Some days, you just have to lift your spirit with the classic hymns from days of old.

    Mwa- Not sure if that's one of the ones I've tried yet or not. Yes. I am very glad the branch didn't crash down on the chicken house, especially.

    Big Mamabird- And as you speak, the temperature here is dropping. Okay, it's not going to freeze but it's getting into the low forties, high thirties. WHAT? So geese like to ramble, eh? Are they as messy as ducks?

  5. I used to know someone who swore by comfrey, had comfrey in everything. She wasn't noticeably healthy or well... maybe she would have felt worse without it. :)

  6. Comfrey's called boneknit, the homeopathic version of it has even been proven to heal breaks faster. I've read the study!

    T'was I who sent the mug, isn't it perfect for you? I mailed you :)

  7. I just love your posts. La di dah indeed.

  8. As a mug collector, I can certainly appreciate the perfection in that one!

  9. I was on my way down to Jacksonville for a horse show last Friday. It surely did get cold on Saturday.


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