Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Praise Of Bunny Babies And Their Daddies


  1. Precious... precious little bunny. I hope you have a nice family day Miss Moon... The food from yesterday looked wonderful. I wondered how the fish would end up, but I see that your whole family ate from it. A good thing. Lilly looks radiant!

  2. Ms. Fleur- Remember when Harley was that small?

    Photocat- Oh. Not much goes to waste around here.

    Birdie- Ain't they sweet?

    Elizabeth- I think so.

    Syd- And loving.

    messymimi- I agree.

    Daddy B- I was on the phone with Lis today and I told her the story of you holding Gibson and saying, "I wish you were cute," and she was laughing! I love you. Damn. I do.

  3. wow, that's enough to knock me off the baby wagon. I think we're too old now; we'll wait impatiently for grandkids. in 20 years.

  4. Magnum- What? You're like what? Twenty-seven? Have another baby!


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