Monday, April 16, 2012

And Sometimes You Just Realize How Ridiculous It All Is

Monday morning and oh, hell.
I don't know.

I watched that Caine's Arcade video and that made me cry. And then Jessie called and that made me cry.
I have a feeling that anything that happens today is going going to make me cry. I got the weep disease or something.

It's just one of those days where I feel about as helpful and useful to the planet, as important and desirable to the world as the vestigial tail on a movie star.

An old dude that I know made fun of me for being friends with Yoko Ono on Facebook.
And it's MY fault. I made some comment on a mutual friend's posting of a Margaret Thatcher quote about socialism. Which came from Michele Bachmann's page. None of these people are FOR socialism, obviously. Duh. And why in hell did I have to say a thing? I didn't. We were talking about this on the boat yesterday. About why we do things like listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. Why we read right-wing bloggers. Okay, I don't really do either of those things but I do love to get all fired-up when someone says something that I regard as stupid or bigoted or...Republican.
We agreed, us folks on the boat, a motley crew of people who will never really fit in to polite society, that it feels good in a sick way to feel righteously angry. There's something so satisfying about it. Lily is scared to death that when we're together anywhere that someone is going to say something that I'm going to take offense to and NOT IGNORE.

There is precedent for this possibility.

Anyway, what I said on the Facebook in regards to this quote was so sensible and calm (believe me) that Old Rightwing Dude couldn't find anything to say to that so he went to my Facebook page and and discovered that just as he thought, I'm a crazy-whack woman who is friends with Yoko Ono! What a joke! Haha! and he made fun of me and I didn't even mention the fact when I commented on that quote we are talking about that it came from Michele Bachmann and if you look up CRAZY WHACK in the dictionary, there SHE is, but whatever. I just politely ignored that entire aspect of the deal.

Righteous anger is bullshit. Anger is bullshit. Well, sometimes it's not. I wish I'd gotten angrier a few times in my much-younger life. Maybe I wouldn't have to get so damn angry now.

But it's so safe to get angry at people like Michele Bachmann or Rush Limbaugh or even the Catholic Church and meanwhile, hold in whatever anger we have at something or someone we're not prepared to be angry with because it's too scary.

Please don't try to wrest any hidden meaning out of this. If there is a meaning, it's hidden even from me and probably for a good reason.

But as I get older, I do realize that we humans are devious little critters in our own souls. We hide things from ourselves which we don't want to know. Or admit.
We do.

Well. It's Monday. I am going to put the little chicks out and I think we are going to keep them out because they have feathers now and their poop is really starting to stink and by god, I have better things to do with my life than to clean up chicken poop in a cage. For instance: clean up chicken poop in the hen house which I really have to do today.

Among many other fantastically interesting and creatively satisfying things.

I better get to it.

I'm such an important cog in the wheel of this universe that if I don't attend to these matters, something dire might occur. The planet might stop spinning, the sun might not rise, the toilets may all cease to flush.

One never knows.

Good morning, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are an important cog to me and reading this was so satisfying better than coffee sometimes righteous anger really is righteous anger.

    in the middle of the night in the middle of the night I call your name Oh Yoko


  2. The conservatives in the States (we've got ours here too but they aren't as powerful) are so overbearing - I'll bet there are a lot of closet liberals afraid to rear their heads. Their arrogance and paranoia is causing a lot of problems out in the world.

  3. Rebecca- Thank-you and thank-you and thank-you.
    I learned once to play that song on the guitar. It is one of my favorite songs in the whole entire history of music in this world.

  4. That O Yoko song pops into my head in the woods or on the trail for any old reason and I wish i were friends with Yoko Ono on facebook and I remember cleaning out chicken houses. It's funny but I never hated the job as much as I should have.
    It's just so basic and earthy and you matter a lot.

    love d

  5. Also I was just sitting here drooling over that stunning beautiful picture of Florida and then I looked out the window and it's snowing. Lightly snowing, but still.

    Do you get mosquitoes?

    And that baby grand boy of yours, leaning on your leg, heavenly.


  6. Not for nothin, but I pulled a damn tick off my neck this morning. i hardly even GO outside anymore, but... there it was all dug in. Just thought you should know, they have arrived.

  7. "as important and desirable to the world as the vestigial tail on a movie star."

    Absolutely fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

  8. great morning post.
    I do firmly believe that you keep the world spinning on its axis - at least my world.

  9. I can't listen to Rush, and I hate listening to people who listen to Rush, and it makes me stabby. He reminds me of Jabba the Hutt from Starwars.
    Happy Monday!

  10. Jeannie- It's their overwhelming stupidity and noncompassion which overwhelms me personally.

    Deirdre- I do not mind cleaning out the hen house at all. I MUCH prefer it to cleaning MY house. It's so much more basic. Remove the poopy straw, replace with lovely fresh.
    And yes, oh Lord, do we get mosquitoes. We have them so bad already that Mr. Moon couldn't finish tying up his tomatoes last night. They sucked half his blood out. According to him. I believe him.
    You could easily be friends with Yoko on Facebook if you are on Facebook. I doubt she turns down anyone. She's crazy nice like that.

    Gradydoctor- Look it up in a medical book. I'm sure it's there.

    Ms. Fleur- Well, I'm outside a lot and have been finding ticks for a month, at least. Yeah. They're here.

    Angry Squaw- I thought that sort of summed it up.

    liv- Oh Jeez. That's a lot of responsibility. Thanks.

  11. I'm still laughing about 'side boob.' Must be the new version of the 'peekaboo thong.'

  12. Mary, I sing that song all the time ALL THE TIME.

  13. That Yoko song is one of MY favorite songs in the universe, too.

    Oy, we're simpatico this morning.

    Righteous anger and manufactured outrage -- woo hoo!

  14. Madame King- It's about the purest love song ever written. I miss John Lennon so much. Which is silly. He gave us more than anyone could rightfully expect.

    Elizabeth- Funny, eh? If I still had a period, maybe we'd start ours on the same day too. Haha!

  15. There's something wrong with being "friends" with Yoko Ono? I was also before I gave up on Facebook. I admire Yoko Ono for her peace work. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh out of curiosity and he made me think about why I disagreed with him and his politics. I've listened to some strongly opinionated radicals from both sides and occasionally find they have something quite important to say.

  16. The cogs are the most important part. Imagine the CEO of a huge company having to empty his own trash, or clean the chicken coop if he wanted his eggs in the morning. Nothing would get done.

  17. Hell, I'm a raging super-liberal and I'd even make fun of you for friending Yoko on Facebook.

  18. Rubye Jack- Yoko IS all about peace. What's not to love there?
    I get too angry if I listen to the Right Wing entertainers. They talk just to make money and hear themselves speak.

    messymimi- Oh. I know. It just gets tedious sometimes.

    Magnum- Well, I know you would mean it in the nicest way possible. Or something. So go ahead- make fun of PEACE!

  19. You can friend anyone you damn well like on Facebook and say whatever you want. That guy just needs to get a life. Good grief.

  20. O honey.

    I have a picture of Yoko on my office wall that MY DAUGHTER TOOK. Ahem. She really did. Yoko is standing in front of a white paper think looking fierce and fabulous and she's fucking 74.

    When I need a kick in the ass, I go look at her. Every year she buys a whole page of the NYT and talks about peace and love and compassion. I <3 Yoko. So that guy can just pick on somebody else!!!

  21. heh.

    me and yoko are facebook friends too.

    i figure if john thought she was a goddess of love - and he said he did - she must be pretty darn good.

    and i like sean. one of his albums (i think it was his second) is one of my favorite things.

  22. I don't know why anyone would listen to Limbaugh either. But evidently, there are plenty who do. As for righteous anger--I do my best not to get into that. People are going to believe what they believe whether I have righteous indignation over it or not.


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