Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't Worry. No Be Afraid

Better. Much, much better.
Those babies ARE a tonic for me.

Gibson is growing and he is just the most calm baby. He wants what he wants- his nursies- and when he gets them and is satisfied, he is happy.

Our fears that Owen might feel displaced by Gibson have been unfounded. He is as sweet as pie to that baby and kisses him all the time. Gibson, of course, is already fascinated by his big brother. I think this fascination will last a lifetime. I think Owen will be worthy of that.

He is getting to be so verbal and so funny. We have been watching this video together and it's silly and it's simple and we like it.

If you don't want to watch it, that's fine. But it's about a duck who keeps going to a lemonade stand and asking for grapes. "Got any grapes?" he asks. Which frustrates the lemonade dude tremendously. And all afternoon Owen would look at me slyly and say, "Got any grapes?" and then he'd laugh.

He played hard and got dirty and so I let him get in the tub, which he loves.

His hair is short but he is still so beautiful. Those eyes. Oh my lord. I love those eyes. After his bath I wrapped him up in a towel and he laughed and laughed and I put his clothes on him and made him a ham and cheese sandwich and all day he kept saying, "Don't worry." And to the baby chickens, "No be afraid."

Every time he said those things, I took them into my heart. I did.

His Bop got home and didn't even get in the house. We were on the front porch when he got here and Bop and Owen immediately broke off sticks from the Confederate Rose that we never trimmed this spring and proceeded to fish together.

"We should go real fishing again, Owen," said Bop.
"Nice," said Owen.
And he told me to go away.
Which I did. I know he loves me. I'm sort of like tap water. Turn on the faucet- there it is. Turn around and there's Mer-Mer. I like that. I'm not jealous.

My little short-haired growing-boy.
My new little bundle of sweet joy.

Yeah. I feel better.

Don't worry. No be afraid.

Love you, Owen says when we kiss him good-bye. Love you! he shouts as they drive away.

My heart. Be still.


  1. awwww. nice. they do look so grown when they get their hair cut.

  2. Falling in love again....ain't it grand! Your babies are so precious!

  3. It's such an amazing time, after the birth of a baby how a family reconstitutes itself and everyone in the immediate and extended family has to extend themselves a little to make way for the new one, and it's hard and fun and jealousy provoking all at once, for naturally we all want to be the baby at the centre, especially the one closest in age.

    I have two grandsons, three years apart and I find, as you suggest here, the older one inspires the younger one and the older one learns to accommodate to the younger one in ways that are inspirational. They begin to nourish one another even as sometimes the little one, all nine months of him sometimes gets in his older brother's way.

  4. Oh, that picture of Owen and Bop fishing warms my heart.

    I'm so glad you are feeling better.

  5. Ohhhh, it is a startling change, he looks like such a big! boy now. Incredible what a haircut can do.

    "Don't worry. No be afraid"...that's my new motto from Owen the sage :)

    So glad you found your tonic.
    Love you!

  6. Life goes round and round, the children fill the heart and soul, they fill your arms.

    As soon as I saw your photo of Bop and Owen off your porch I knew they were fishing..I didn't need to read that..I know the stick means "fishin". Yes, Bop had best take that boy off real fishin'...and your can hold the new bundle of joy all to yourself for a few hours. Rock and sing, kiss and look into Gibson's eyes...


  7. Owen looks SO much older with his hair cut - he really is a big boy now.

    You are perfect grandparents playing pretend and sometimes doing the real thing with Owen. He's such a lucky boy. Gibson too, but it will be a while before he gets into it.

  8. That "Got any grapes?" has my daughter in fits of laughter!?
    I can see why you feel better. You and Bop are like those wonderful "storybook" grandparents.

  9. Sounds and looks like a slice of heaven, Ms. Moon. I really do enjoy reading all about your adventures with Owen. He is a special little guy, and of course you are an awesome grandparent. Take care.

  10. Ha -- look at that picture and compare it to the one of you and Owen on your sidebar!! Whoa!!

    I remember when that kid was born. Hell I remember when Lily got married!!!

    Me love you long time.

  11. Am I hormonal? This made me cry! From the moment I saw that big boy haircut. Sigh. . . .

  12. What lovely and wonderful treasures you have in these two grandsons. And what a gift they have as their grandmother.

    Thanks for sharing Owen's words, I needed to hear them today: "Don't worry. No be afraid."


  13. You know, Henry and I watched the entire duck video. And despite the fact that he's thirteen and I'm nearly fifty, we laughed and really enjoyed it. So thanks for that sweet and innocent laugh.

  14. Kids have a way of keeping us fully in the moment and if they are happy children, then the moment is a good one. It is tonic.

    Those are some cute boys you got there. That little one looks like his toes need nibbling! heheh!

  15. I like that haircut. Owen's eyes are the main thing you see now, and his beautiful smile.

  16. Such sweetness.

    Yes, he looks so much more grown up with short hair. But that hair grows faster than him, thank god.

    That baby is looking loooong! And chubby :)

    Gorgeous boys.

    I love his No Be Afraid, good words. Glad you're feeling better xx

  17. I like "Owen talk". He says it all right there.

    I have seen little boys with long hair and liked it. Future hippies in the making is what I think. The current fascination with buzzed hair is puzzling to me. But I can imagine that it is cooler and easier to keep clean. I'll stick to a head full while I still have a head full-LOL.

  18. Oh this was a good post. I miss those boys like crazy. My heart is so happy and so sad at the same time to see these beautiful photos. The one of bop and Owen made me tear up immediately. Still crying. The beautiful thing is, I know everyone is doing well. Look how chunky little Gibson is! I love it, and I love you Mama. Good thing Vergil and I are going to Pearl and Ben's baby shower today. I need some more baby/family time.

  19. Kristin- I know. It's so weird.

    Yo- And so are YOURS!

    Elisabeth- One of the greatest joys of my life is that all of my children not only love each other, they love being around each other. I hope the same for Owen and Gibson. And whatever sibs/cousins may come. It's a fancy dance and a whole lot of love helps.

    Stephanie- Thank-you, sugar.

    liv- I'm pretty lucky to have such tonic available. I know that. I sure do.

    Ellen- Those boys and their fishing! Gibson will be joining them for pretend and real fishing before we know it.

    Jeannie- The great thing about grandchildren is that they remind us how to play and also, they give us permission and reason to do so. Pretty cool.

    bugerlugs- Well, it's pretty easy to be grandparents, I have to tell you. All the joy, not so much of the stress.

    Mr. Shife- Thank-you, you sweet man. I mean it.

    SJ- And me love YOU long time, too. Wow. Long time.

    gradydoctor- Could be. Hormones are CRAZY! But that's another story...

    White Coat Dreamer- We ALL need to hear those words sometimes, don't we?

    Elizabeth- I don't know what it is about that silly video but it's just fun. It makes me smile to think of you and Henry watching it.

    Ms. Fleur- I know. I have already threatened to eat the child's fingers. Toes are next.

    Annicles- I swear- he looks like a different boy to me! But he's the same one. Thank goodness!

    Jo- Isn't Gibson chubbing up some? And yes, he is getting longer, too. Thanks for the good words, sweetie.

    Syd- Well, Owen was just going to get a trim but that didn't work out so well (the barber was his daddy) so they just buzzed it. And it'll grow. If he wants long hair, his mama and daddy will let him. I'm sure about that.

    honeyluna- Give our love to Pearl and Ben, okay?
    We miss you so damn much.
    Love...YOUR MAMA

  20. Love is a tonic. Love is a cure. So glad you are feeling better.

  21. Our babies are our balm. Thanks for sharing the joy through your words and pictures.


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