Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maybe Not Mindblowing

But mighty darn cute.
Miss Flopsy has hatched one very darling peep.
Phone and Internet are both out and probably will be until tomorrow when they can hopefully locate someone who has some line.
Or something to that effect.

But that's what happened in Lloyd today. And Mr. Moon has been working on a new little shelter for Flopsy and resulting babies all day and I've been weeding and it's hot and we're filthy.

A good Sunday.

Ain't that a cute baby?

Well done, little chicken mama. Well done.


  1. Oh, how cute! She looks proud doesn't she? Good to know the effort was not all for naught.

    And she is a very pretty chicken in her own right, she is.

  2. I know I've gotten a little too invested in Flopsy's eggs because my first thought when I read this was "OH THANK GOD."

  3. It is mindblowing to me. One day you have an egg, the next day a living chick under her mother's wings... And that mama chicken lets you take a picture of her chick! What a wonderful image!

  4. Oh holy cow that photo is so amazing the chick looks so squished and happy! thank you thank you. I heard the Buffalo's chickens today and thought of you. I also talked to Freddy (previously the Hideous Baby) for about 30 seconds. Freddy and I are becoming friends in spite of the Buffalo. YAY!


  5. Hoboy.....give Flopsie a medal.......I am so happy for her. Her sacrifice and dedication were not for naught.

    And thanbk you Mer, for carrying her to food and water daily. Have a medal yourself.

  6. That is one proud mama and one well loved and protected darling baby chick. I'm happy for you all. Liv's right, she is a lovely chicken. Thanks for the smile this evening. Also thanks for the earlier link to Lis's music and her voice. I hadn't imagined her speaking voice, but it is as lovely as her singing voice.

  7. liv- I don't know if she's proud or just exhausted. Either way, I am feeling very fondly of her right now.

    Blue Gal- Hahahahahahahahahaha! (Me too.)

    Photocat- Yep. She let me take a lot of pictures. But what can she do?

    Radish King- Freddy is a good name. He will do well to have you as a friend. The baby chick is not squished- I assure you. She comes out to say hello and then Flopsy raises her skirts and the baby goes back under. It's crazy funny. And good.

    Lo- I gave her grapes and bread today and put water in her nest box. And Mr. Moon has built her an entire nursery. We're just not sure when to put her and them in it.

    Mel- Listening to Lis's voice, you can start to realize how lucky I am to be her friend.

  8. I'll be chasing so many chicks this weekend!

  9. I gave her grapes
    and bread today
    and put water
    in her nest box

    Mary Moon Haiku.

  10. Awww! Please tell Mama I am happy for her new baby. Give her a little pat if she will let you.

  11. This is going to be a frightfully dumb question but is Elvis the Daddy? Or do chickens not have sex?

    Can you please give me "The Talk" about chicken reproduction?

    I don't like being confused and I'd rather hear it from you than Google it.

  12. Yay Flopsy. I bet she one happy frickin' hen.

  13. More chicken babies! Wonderful1

  14. that is a fabulous portrait right there.

  15. So cute. I'm glad that the little baby is okay.


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