Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Have Had Rain

My fisherpeople ARE back from the island and it has rained here. The drops are falling off the leaves now, a sweet muted thud, and the birds are talking about it all (Did you hear? It has rained!) and Mr. Moon stopped on his way back and bought crab claws and some shrimps and I am going to cook those for our dinner with some broccoli and a lemony sauce and some brown rice.

I swear to you, the Confederate Jasmine (is there a Union Jasmine?) is so strong in its scent that it is almost too much, even though I am at least twenty feet away from the nearest blossoming of it.

There are worse problems to have.

I am quite aware of that.

I assure you.


  1. I am glad for you that they are back. I always worry a little when they go out (whoever the they may be).

    To many sad memories today thinking of "gentle people" and times long ago in San Fran....(mermaid's post) wish I was there for a cocktail, I have shrimp, I mean the alcoholic kind :)

  2. liv- It was Mr. Moon and his sister. They're fine and safe.
    I have shrimp and crab cocktail and vodka-tonic cocktails as well. It's good.

  3. The rain in Lloyd feels spectacular and I bet it smells like heaven in that garden of yours. I wrote all day. Goodness all around. I sure do love you Mary Moon.

    ps. I made bok choy for the first time ever tho it's not the first time I've eaten it. Baby bok choy and beets. Yum!

  4. We got a nice rain yesterday and the easter lilies I cut and brought in are filling the room with their fragrance and your dinner sounds simple and wholesome and filling and nourishing and good as was mine. We are rich.

  5. Don't count on my to enjoy your feel for the rain, grin, as where I live in England, we are swamped with it. Almost. Not like in Florida but still lots of rain. It actually rained cats and dogs yesterday... I take it that the gorgeous big fat fish your husband caught will be eaten soon?

  6. Crab is a luxury here.

    I'm pretty sure any kind of jasmine is too.

  7. A- Dinner was excellent.

    Madame King- I used to grow bok choy and always stir-fried it. I wonder why I don't do that anymore. I tried to grow beets several times but it never worked despite the fact that supposedly ANYONE can grow beets. Mr. Moon does not like beets. He says they taste like dirt which makes sense. I don't like mussels because I think they taste like dock water.

    Ellen Abbott- We ARE rich. And we know it.

    Adelina Lee- I am suspicious of you.

    Photocat- No. They had to throw the snapper back. It is not snapper season. Sadly.
    But good for that snapper!

    Jeannie- Crab is a luxury everywhere, I believe. It is a luxurious food to eat.

    Gradydoctor- And good afternoon to you, sweet lady!

  8. It was a soaking rain yesterday all the way back home. But I had on a rain suit and the canvas dodger and Bimini kept me pretty dry. Long trip though in one day and the harbor was incredibly rough.


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