Saturday, April 7, 2012

It Was Crazy. It Was Fun. It Was Good. God, I'm Tired

Taylor, Billy, Shayla.

Hank, Taylor, Billy.

Lily, Gibson.

Potato Salad.

Salad with beans.

Collards and mustards with tomatoes and onions.


Food. Billy and Taylor. They were not mad at each other. I swear.

Easter Eggs.


"I Came Out Of A Chicken Butt."

Grilled grouper.
Mr. Moon caught it, cleaned it, and cooked it.

Owen on his mother's back, playing with May.

Jason and Gibson

Owen egg-decorating.

My heart.

More eggs.

Every picture I got of Waylon was a complete blur. Sorry. He and Owen spent a great deal of time chasing each other around the back yard.

At one point I said to Mr. Moon, "I now understand why old people buy those RV's and take off."


And tomorrow we'll all meet up again at Lily's and Owen will hunt the eggs that the Easter Bunny will hide for him. And there will be ham. And angel biscuits. And after that, Mr. Moon and I are going RV shopping.



Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Jessie and Vergil- we missed you so. And you know it.


  1. i like the fred perry egg. veddy nice!


  2. What are Angel Biscuits and please send me a gross of them but leave off the pig parts if there are pig parts.
    Rebecca Hungry in the Big Rainy

  3. Mrs. A- That totally escaped me.
    My kids are way cooler than I am.

    Madame King- Go here:

    And to think I wrote that before I even knew you.

  4. We had a big family dinner tonight too. It was great except for the drives across town. I hate riding in Atlanta and everybody seemed to be out tonight. i do get the RV thing.

  5. Oh please send me that potato salad recipe. And several pounds of grouper! (Is Mr. Moon still giving out a quarter if anyone finds a bone?)

  6. Potato salad is my favorite thing in the world!!

    That looks like soooo much fun, but I know from the tired part! Some day you have to do a video,like your friend who does the movies. Now THAT would be amazing!!

  7. Gibson is so present and observant---early talker, I bet!

  8. Gimme, gimme some a that grouper.
    And a kiss on that baby.
    Babies and fish, babies and fish. Better than bunnies 'n eggs.

  9. That picture of Lily and Gibson stole my heart. So beautiful.

    Happy egg hunting tomorrow.

  10. Easter celebrations sound wonderful.

  11. Gorgeous. That baby is so like his daddy. MmmmmSALAD!

  12. I am drinking up these photos. It's so fun to see pictures of Gibson, because he is so much appart of our hearts, and yet he is so very new too. We get to learn all of his facial expressions and all of his moods.
    And I love all of these people. And I love all of that food, too. Yumm. I also know how tiring it can be. Hope you got some good, good rest.
    Love you.

  13. Love your sense of humor! Looks like fun was had by all.

  14. I loved this whole post but I am just drooling over those collards. YUUUUUMMM!

  15. Ms. Moon, I love your pictures, your words, your people, your food, and I just love you too.

    I am making angel biscuits today. I wasn't sure what else we were eating but angel biscuits were mandatory. Thanks for sharing your recipe and all that love.


  16. Great photos of a nice family and time together. Gibson looks like a wise little man.

  17. In love with every second of it.

  18. We love you and we had such a good time. And as for that shot of Taylor and myself? She was drinking my beer and I called her out only to have her remind me that I've stolen her beer before. For real. And then I lied and said I had no idea where her beer was. It was awesome.

  19. Kristin- Lord. Me too.

    DTG- WTF is a Fred egg?

    Omgrrrl- First- can you get Miracle Whip out there in the Great Plains? And yes, Mr. Moon still offers a quarter for a bone.

    Liv- Ha! I should talk Freddy into coming out and doing a movie of my life. He's too busy, though, getting rich and famous.

    A- We shall see. Each baby is such a surprise.

    Denise- The loaves and the fishes...

    Stephanie- After Owen had his meltdown, the egg hunt went very well.

    Elisabeth- As long as we can pick and choose what we want to celebrate.

    Jo- That salad WAS good and we're about to have leftovers of it.

    Honeyluna- Oh, baby. I miss you so much. A celebration without you is just not right. It's like ham without salt. Gibson has mostly nice moods. He's such a sweet baby. Oh, he is going to grow up loving his Aunt Jessie so much.

    messymimi- I think everyone had fun. I sure as hell hope so.

    nicol- I can cook some damn collards. That's no lie.

    Mel- Please. Tell me how they turned out. I really would love to know.

    Syd- I am still calling him "Mortie" in my mind. He is so serious, that little boy.

    gradydoctor- There was lots of hot sauce. I promise you.

    daddy b- I am so glad that I now know THE REST OF THE STORY! I love you guys so much. I'm sorry that I'm so mean to Waylon and have given him such reason to hate me.

  20. Hey Ms. Mary Moon! I have not been around the blog world lately and I am so glad that you are still here and Loving Life.

    All the very best to you and yours Ms. Mary Moon, and please keep on blogging!

  21. Andrew- Oh. When I'm dead the blog will be gone. Hello! Welcome back.


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