Friday, April 13, 2012

For Lily And Jason

When Jason and Lily left yesterday I said to Mr. Moon, "They are the sweetest little family," and they are. There they went, Jason in the back seat between his two buckled-in sons, giving Gibson a little bottle and Owen yelling out the window, "I love you!" and Lily driving them all home, their groceries in the car.

The sweetest little family.

You know what today is? Their fourth anniversary. Yep. Four years ago Lily and Jason stood together on a beautiful spring day and Hank said the words and they were married.

And in the ensuing four years they have taken that bond they made and done beautiful things with it.
They've worked so hard. They've been so responsible. They are so loving.
And really, they are so young.
But here they are with their own little house with their own yard and garden and a sleepy, mellow cat and two fine boys. And they're such naturals at being parents that it knocks me out.

I'm going to tell you something: Lily and Jason both had a LOT of ya-ya's to get out before they settled down. Uh-huh. They did. Both before they met each other and after.
There were some, uh, rough patches in their beginnings. There were some, uh, difficulties. But they found their way.

And here they are.

When I talked yesterday about how well Owen is adapting to being a big brother I should have said more about that. About how it's going so well because Owen has no doubt that he is loved and cherished and part of a loving family. Because that's what makes it so much easier for him to accept a new brother. He has a mama and a daddy who take such good care of him and who love him and consider his well-being with every breath they take. And it shows.

Four years. But they've been together a lot longer than that. Since they were kids, really. And now they have kids and in that, they have given me more joy than they'll ever know until those kids grow up and give them some grandchildren. But it's not just the grandsons they've given me. It's the incredible peace of mind I have about them and their future. I know that Lily and Jason's love and bond and their shared sense of responsibility are all so strong that I don't have to lay awake at night and worry.

You can't buy that for a million dollars.
Or even a billion.

It's luck and it's love and it's what it's all about.

Did I post this already?

If I did, it bears repeating.

That was three weeks and three days ago.

And that? Four years ago.

Happy anniversary, Lily and Jason.

We are so proud of you. We love you so much.

Thank-you for loving each other and thank-you for letting us all be a part of your life and your love. Life isn't always easy and marriage sure as hell isn't either. Neither is being parents. But you two have proven that taking the love and the luck and doing the work to keep it all rolling and make it all multiply is what it's all about.

Keep loving. Keep working. Keep dancing. Keep laughing.



  1. Thanks mom! You ways make me feel like a better person when I read what you say about me. I feel like 4 years has flown by and everything is so different than it was. Different but wonderful! Our family would not be half as great without the help we receive from everyone, especially you. We all love you tremendously!

  2. Mary you always make me believe that anything is possible. I cherish you for that.

  3. You make me believe in love all over again--I hope that I have this relationship with my children and their children.

  4. Magnum- Thanks, sweetie!

    Lily- You are an amazing person and so is Jason and look what all you have done in these four short years. I mean- please, girl! YOU have done it- the two of you- and yes, your family would do anything for you because you are so dedicated. To each other and to your family. You two rock! Now- for your anniversary, I want you to make Jason do the Billie Jean dance. Get it on video. Seriously.

    Madame King- Hey! I don't know how this stuff happens. I'm just glad it does. I cherish you, too. You know that.

    Pamela- I'm just about the luckiest woman on the planet. I am completely aware of that. And I do believe in love.

  5. How wonderful to go back and read a bit about Lily and Jason's wedding -- it was written before I knew of your blog! How is that possible? I feel like I've been coming here, each morning, for my entire life!

  6. Love, luck and work. Sounds about right :)

  7. Beautiful post for a beautiful family. Maybe if more ya-yas were gotten out before people settled down, or if they understood that some day they really should be over them already, families would have an easier time.


  8. Love, love, love that picture of Lily and Jason and Gibson! Hadn't seen it before but it is just magical.

    Happy Anniversary to them and their lovely little family, what a great way to celebrate Friday the 13th!

  9. O, I know. To watch my sweet daughter and son-in-law raise their boy, and their struggles and tenderness.

    My daughter is a wonderful mother. I can't believe it sometimes. How'd that happen? I loved her as well as I could but boy howdy, I sure made some mistakes. Sometimes love ain't enough and sometimes it just is.

    Kisses to all your family.


  10. What a lovely, loving post. YAY, Lily and Jason! Cheers to you and your beautiful family. May you continue to have love and luck all the rest of your lives.

  11. :)

    Happy Anniversary to both of you.

  12. Ha, look how tall I am in that photo. I was standing on a milk crate.

  13. Happy Anniversary to Lily and Jason.

  14. Happy anniversary.

    I am sure that a good example also helps. And luck, and love, and work, and tow beautiful gorgeous boys.

  15. They truly are such a sweet family! And their wedding looks like it was incredibly beautiful.

  16. The sweetest.

    I wonder if children have any idea of how much joy their health and happiness delivers to their parents.

  17. Here here!

    Wow, I didn't know those guys knew each other from before they got together... Did they know each other in high school? I guess I'm a little out of the loop. Nothing new there!:-)

    Blessings every one.
    xo pf

  18. I am really happy for them. We all have to work out some stuff in any relationship. It is a work in progress! Have a great anniversary!

  19. they have a beautiful love story. i'm happy for them.


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