Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Least We Can Do

 My land line has been in and out for days. The phone guy called me today (I had to call him back because he got cut off) to tell me that it's in the carrier line somewhere and that they're working on it. He's such a nice guy, that phone guy. We chatted a little, as we do around here. Might as well.

Anyway, I'm hoping that it's fixed now because if it's out, I don't have internet. Oh sure, I have the iPhone but it's not really sufficient for my blogging needs.

The boys came out today and brought their mother and it was a short but exciting visit which included two poops. I was proud they felt comfortable enough here to poop. Grandmothers will take any straw offered, you know. Owen helped his Boppy build which is what he calls anything which requires a hammer or a saw. He was in ecstasy over the table saw. That was almost more than he could bear. Gibson was NOT impressed. He wanted nothing more than milk. And a clean diaper. He gave us a few of his rare and precious smiles. They melt me.

It came time for Lily to go home and Owen insisted that he needed to stay here which was fine, Bop could have taken him home later but at the last moment, he decided that no, he had to go home with his mother and cried, "No leave without me!" and flung himself at the door. He got in his seat and we buckled him up and kissed him and they left with Owen's hand waving out the window and him shouting, "Love you! Love you!"

It was a great visit.

It was probably good that he went home. I took a Benedryl earlier for a mysterious itching of the hands (this was BEFORE I pulled up a lot of poison ivy and yes, I wore gloves) and that thing about knocked me out. After the kids left, we laid down for a nap and it was heavenly and I had to force myself to get back up and go at it again. But I did. I drank an espresso over ice but it didn't really help much. No wonder they make sleep aids out of Benedryl. That's what it is, you know. Plain old Benedryl and it's cheaper just to buy the store brand of that and pop one instead of any of that other fancy stuff which I buy sometimes despite the fact that I know better. Maybe because it's blue. Blue is a better sleep color than pink and white, right? I guess.

We do these crazy things. It's like the current obsession with sea salt. Salt is NaCl, period, the end, sodium chloride and I don't care where it comes from, it all came from the sea at some point in time and yet, I, too, have purchased sea salt. What for? It's not like it's fucking saltier. And the PRETENSION of buying salt grinders. Hell, Martha. I mean, freshly ground pepper is tastier than the stuff ground in a factory but we're talking salt here. SALT.
I could be wrong. Educate me if I am.

Well, I've got a venison meatloaf in the oven and that is going to be delicious. I've peeled my two kohlrabis from the garden and I think I'm going to cook them with the two potatoes I have in some broth with garlic and salt (whatever kind I have) and yes, freshly cracked pepper and then mash those suckers up with some fat free sour cream- don't you laugh- I have bacon on the meatloaf and we have to cut fat corners somewhere. Or at least I do. It'll be good and delicious despite the lack of fat in there and Mr. Moon will put a lot of butter on it anyway so no harm done.

The picture at the top is for Danielle de Santiago. I don't know how many of you know him. Those of you who have been here for a long time certainly do. He is part of our community. He has been going through a lot lately and yesterday was a very, very hard day for him and he has a request. Read about that at

Light is a lot like salt- whatever its source, it is true and real. And we need both in this life we lead on our planet.  I always think that lighting a candle is making hope visible. I believe that.
And it is better than cursing the darkness.

I got no reason to curse tonight and for that alone, I will gladly light a candle. Sometimes light is not just for seeing our way in the darkness, but for shedding light on our blessings.

Yeah. For all of that, and for Danielle and his beloved sister, my candles are lit.

For you, too.

Shine on.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My candles are lit too. To bless you, to bless Danielle and his beloved sister and every little soul in this miraculous community.

    Thanks for writing again today - you fed me.

  2. Do you put bacon on the venison because the venison is so lean? I ask because remember when I asked you what do with my deer loin and you suggested the crock pot? My sister put it in with a pork loin (and other fixins) and said that it was good to put the deer in with the pork because of the fat.

    OR, she was lying and she was actually making me more food to have on hand when she left because my whole family thinks I don't know how to feed myself.

  3. liv- It gives me such pleasure to think of little tiny points of light springing up all over the world for Danielle's sister. Maybe some day that will bring her comfort.
    Thank you, always, for being here, for reading. Always.

    SJ- Nope. She's right. You gotta add some fat to the deer meat. Well, you don't have to but it sure does help because it doesn't have much on its own. I even add a little bit of olive oil to my meatloaf. That's the beauty of it- you can add vegetable fat or animal fat or none at all if that's what you want. It is a very lean meat.

  4. I will shine on. Comfortable enough to shit. Love that!

  5. I'm a weird one about the salt - I hate the "normal" iodized salt, and I will never salt my food because I don't like the weird to me metallic and flat taste of it. I avoided salty and salted food.

    But then I "discovered" sea salt a couple of years back and really like it. Depending on the salt of course, and I am no connoisseur.

    It could be that I don't like the way "normal" salt is processed and the iodine added? Or I do like the minerals that color the sea salt?

    No idea.

    Just another weird thing about me. :)

  6. Austin helped me light a good handful of candles and take some pictures.

  7. mary..thank you so much for day you said that you are sorry for me and the lack of a mother..and that you feel like you could be my mother when i need one...and now i need one and you said exactly the things a mother would say.....and thank you to your wonderful daughter who also sent me kind words and light...

  8. @ Liv

    thank you for your words and pictures...all this means a lot to me...really

  9. stephanie..thank you and austin for beeing there for my lil sister...

  10. Syd- Yep. Shine on, you.

    NOLA- We like what we like. No defending necessary.

    Stephanie- YAY!

    Danielle- Good. Think of all those little flames burning all over the world for your sister. That was such a beautiful and loving idea you had and that's because you are a beautiful and loving man.

  11. Believe it or not, Celtic Gray Sea Salt has a different taste to it than store bought iodized salt. It's NaCl, yes, but it also has the rest of the minerals salt is supposed to have in it, and it has such a warm, deep flavor that we use less of it.

    For Danielle and his sister, i will pray and light a candle, as i also lost a baby girl almost 18 years ago. It's not the same, but it is, every loss unique but universal.

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  13. Thanks for drawing our little blogging community together once again with your writing and for pulling Danielle and his sister into this circle in their time of need to soak up some of this love and light. Love coming back at ya'. x0 N2


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