Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Don't Know

I think the fisherpeople will probably be home today. They had some beautiful luck on Thursday afternoon, not so much yesterday.

It is supposed to storm later.

I saw a bluebird on the feeder today. Bluer than Robert Johnson's tears. Bluer than Prince William's blood.

The stupid dogs peed on the floor and the floor, she tilts, and the rug got wet and so I am washing it again, again, this is my life, washing peed upon rugs, cleaning up dog shit/chicken shit.

I have taken it to the basics. There is no farther down to go than shit. I promise you.

Some days this is fine and dandy.

I'm not sure that today is one of them.


  1. Whoa! That fish doesn't even look real!

    Bluer than Prince William's blood. Ha. ha.

  2. Wow to the fish!
    i just read this on another blog and thought you might be interested

    "Anglers Rest said...

    I am still on the old version and like you prefer it. I logged in on I think Wednesday and old blogger had gone.

    In the new interface on the right hand side underneath your user name is two boxes one with the language choice and the other with a small round simple. Click the round symbol and the box opens and the second one from the bottom is Old Blogger Interface & Bingo!"
    Hope it works.

  3. Aye aye aye! I am often up to my literal elbows in shit. When I get home from work I only where my shoes as far as the mudroom door. I take off my scrubs and have a bath immediately. But I am making someone feel better so I don't mind. As for cleaning up dog shit I am waiting for the day when you tell me they are dead. Oh, happy day! As for the chickens you could sell their shit. It is fertilizer gold!

  4. well, you know, poop and fart jokes are the earliest form of humor.

  5. I know... some days shit is just the final, unacceptable insult.

  6. gradydoctor- It is. Red snapper. Real red snapper. Real big red snapper.

    Kristin- Wow! I'm going to stick with the new interface for awhile but that is good to know and I sent on the info to another blogger who hates the new interface so much she is threatening to shut down her blog.
    Thank you.

    Birdie- Don't hold your breath but I appreciate your support. I do use the chicken shit on the garden.

    Ellen- Why poop is considered to be funny is beyond me.

    Jo- Yep. That is it exactly.

  7. Looks like a good size red snapper. I think that the population is bouncing back.

    I am glad to have a designated dog room. And they are good and don't pee there. Smart dogs.

  8. Sixteen bottle-feed kittens in the house, so yes, my life is all about cleaning "waste". There are some days when i am not so into it.

    Hope your day gets better.

  9. Ah, yes.....shit. One of my cats left me a present on my bed yesterday.....a neat pile finished off with a curlyque on top like a frozen yogurt. The last straw....
    (this is the cat that is so fat I must clean her hiney for her with wet wipes every day.)

    No more sleeping with Mamma....from now on my bedroom doors will be closed to meowers and bed-shitters.

  10. Those dogs' noses would be stuck in the pee, their bums smacked soundly and then they'd be tossed outside.

    I have a tambourine hanging on the door knob that Dex wallops when he needs to go out. I can hear it wherever I happen to be in the house. If I am sleeping, he has learned to nudge me awake to go outside. Our old dog, if he couldn't hold it (until he wasn't able to hold anything) would run down to the shower and go there.

  11. Maybe if you left those dogs outside overnight by accident, a hawk would take care of them for you. (Just a thought.)

  12. Syd- They had to throw that snapper back. Too big? Something like that. But it sure did thrill Mr. Moon to catch it.

    Messymimi- Good god. I wouldn't want to deal with that. No way, no how.
    Bless you, baby.

    Lo- I would have killed that cat. I mean it. DEAD! Please don't judge me.

    Jeannie- I won't even go into what a bad dog-owner I am. I'll just say that my doors are always open and the my dogs can go outside anytime they please.

    Amna- Or an owl.

  13. That fish is huge!

    I find it interesting how some days I feel divine and important as I scrub the toilets and clean up after the guinea pig. Other days I feel like a slave. It always feels divine, though, to wipe the faces of the little ones or tend to their needs in other ways.

  14. Lora- Yeah. It's all in our attitude which I have yet to figure out how to control.


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