Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Last night's rain made the green greener and the air cooler and so it is a bit of a new life which happens again and again and again.

"Easter makes everything new!" proclaimed a flyer I got in the mail yesterday from a local church and I thought, "Oh my."

I don't think so. I don't think Easter dresses and a ham or even a sunrise sermon retelling a very old story make everything new. I think the fact that everything renews itself this time of year is what makes everything new although of course, there is nothing new about it- it is ancient, even the tenderest green curl of the fern, unfurling under the fallen leaves from last year. Even the water which falls from the sky which has risen and fallen and risen again, molecule by molecule ever since hydrogen and oxygen first figured out how to mate on this rock-planet, remaking it into a water planet.

I am the resurrection and the life.

I think water may have been the first to say that. And it says it still and it is true as it falls onto the parched dirt and then steams up again from root to leaf and back up into the sky and I am in wonder at the way we take this so for granted and do not recognize it for the Holy Miraculous Happening that it is.

That's my sermon for today, if indeed I have one.


  1. thank you for your words of wisdom....we have gone from hot sun to bleak winter chill here in hopefully buns will make Friday good and chocolate will make sunday better...happy happy easter!!

  2. I had to go back and see whose blog I stumbled across but then I realized you weren't being religious at all but awed.

    It's funny, I was contemplating doing a post that would not have been as lovely as yours because I do not have a poet's soul, but it would have had a few of the elements you touched on. Maybe spring brings out the realization of the miraculous in all of us and some have to box it up in religion and call it theirs GOD.

  3. The church of Ms. Moon is NOT batshit crazy. You always make perfect sense to me. xoxoxooxoxo

  4. That green lizzard is wonderful. Ohhh, wished I would have one like that to snap. You live in paradise. If only there would not be cockroaches... Bless your my child!

  5. DogOnIt... I meant Bless you my child... I am sure you appreciate that saying. Bwaaahahahahaha

  6. Hail Mary, full of grace -- blessed art thou amongst us.....hahhaha, fits doesn't it?!

    I'm not religious at all, but I see god in everything and the way you described the miracle of water was spot on! For me god is everywhere in everything and if we could fully grasp that we would probably be struck dumb...we couldn't handle it. So a bit of denial is what keeps us sane and able to cope with the majesty of it all (not to mention being able to cope with the ever present human travesty of it as well).

    There is so much beauty in your world...Mr. M, baby boys and wow, those fish were grand indeed! I loooooove that you share it...TY

  7. I love your church. And those photos are true witnesses.

  8. Lovely sermon, accurate and concise.

  9. Young At Heart- My chickens are laying so many eggs that I now understand the Easter Bunny.

    Rubye Jack- And no faith whatsoever is involved.

    Jeannie- Who knows? Maybe the universe is one big ol' shoebox where god keeps his treasures. I sure don't know. But I sort of doubt it.

    Chrissy- It's hard to argue with what you can see, touch, know for sure.

    Photocat- Lizards eat roaches. So there you go.
    And I appreciate the blessing.

    Denise- There are many branch churches. You can have your own if you want. Just don't forget Keith Richards. And the Beatles.
    When it comes time to dance and sing hymns, okay?

    liv- It is all a miracle and it is all as prosaic as a fried egg. We just have to pay attention. That's what I think.

    Elizabeth- What IS it, isn't it? Don't you think?

    messymimi- Thanks, sugar.

  10. I'm with you. Water is the renewal. It makes everything refreshed.


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