Sunday, April 22, 2012

I went to the Opera House. It was fine and lovely and easy. I didn't feel anxious one moment. How could I? I love those people. I took some pictures, I fed lines. It felt easy and good.

This is going to be a very, very fun production. Judy and Denise and Kathleen have worked their butts off and so has the cast. It shows.

I came home and joined Mr. Moon in the garden. We weeded and weeded and weeded.
We didn't get nearly finished. But we finally said, "Enough!"

He's cooking some fish he caught. I need to heat up last night's leftovers. A Sunday night feast.

Time to put all the chickens up, set the table, make the cocktail sauce.

Another week has passed us by.

And so it goes and so it has gone and here we are.


  1. From my bird's eye view here Ms. Moon, it does not look like the week has passed you by at all. Rather, as usual, you have grabbed a strong hold on life and lived it to the fullest. Again. You have such a good life, and I only wish I could be there for dinner. If only.

  2. You know, it seems like there are no weeds in Los Angeles. I honestly never weed, and I wonder why that is.

  3. Rubye Jack- Thank-you.

    Elizabeth- Maybe it's because really, y'all live in a desert and the only things that grow are things that get watered. I don't know. We live in a rain forest. Well, not really. But god, do we have weeds.

  4. Elizabeth, you keep making me want to move to LA. Big red flowers and no weeds.

    We have weeds to the sky here in the south!

  5. Yes, it was a good week for me. A great time at Edisto Beach. I don't think that this week will be like vaca.

  6. I hate weeding. I do love to buy plants, flowers and such. I love to see how they grow. Sometimes I ignore the big stuff that needs to be done because I can't do it Love is the guy with the project of weeding though we don't luckily have much that needs weeding.

    We do need to rid our yard of the wild turkey's from time to time...


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