Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Much

I really don't have anything of any importance, interest or of humorous value to say today but there's some pictures of the young chicks in their new day-time coop. They're getting to that funny teenager stage wherein they are getting real feathers to the detriment of their baby-fuzz appearance.
Puberty is not always graceful, no matter the species.
But I will say that the chicks have such pretty faces, don't you think?
And as Owen said the other day when he was holding Curly Sue, "Curly Sue, I so proud of you!"

We hatched five, five are still alive.

I guess that's something.


  1. I'm just amazed by this chicken life. Oliver and I have been looking at the fancy chicken homes in the new issue of Williams Sonoma catalog, admiring them and wondering if we dare raise our own.

  2. Elizabeth- I have no reservations whatsoever telling anyone that chickens would be a good thing in their lives.

    Ellen Abbott- And go they do.

  3. I still want to know what he was so proud of her for.

  4. I think we are allowed to raise up to five chickens or something in the city. I would but I know my neighbors would complain loudly and I already test their ability to cope.

  5. What a treat... Five hatched and five still alive. You did a great job Ms Moon. Hurraah for the chicks! They will be ready for the big coop soon enough!

  6. I'm getting chicks for my classroom. They come as eggs and go to a free-range farm when they are about two weeks old. Hurrah for chicks!

    Tell me I'm doing a good thing. Please!!!

  7. I can't believe how fast chicks grow! Faster than children, and I didn't think anything grew faster than children.

  8. It sounds good Annicles, but you're a brave woman... what if some die? Wahhhh! Hard lessons to supervise.

    Curly Sue is a monster chicken!

  9. Young at Heart- They are pretty darn cute.

    DTG- I think it might have been because she calmed down from when I caught her in the box. Maybe. Who knows?

    Jeannie- If you had all hens, how would they know?

    Photocat- It's a process, this growing up and moving in with the big chicks.

    Annicles- Hello! I think that's a wonderful idea. The hard part is going to be keeping the children from wanting to hold them all of the time. But they're very easy to keep, especially with many helping hands. Or should I say, "even" with many helping hands?

    Lora- Oh honey. They grow FAST!

    Jo- Well, that's a valid life-lesson that must be learned at some point. The biggest black chick is as big as Curly Sue! I can't figure this out.

  10. Five for five is tremendous.

    Thanks for the pics.

  11. What a delight! Thank you for feathering the nest of my blogosphere.

  12. I am loving this whole thing with the baby chicks. Can't wait to see them all grown, b ut then again, I will be sorry when they are no longer such adorable little creatures. No pleasing me, I guess.,

  13. I have been gone from blog land for too long. Lily had another boy, you have more chickens, and it's spring.
    I am glad it is all good.

  14. I don't know why my ID won't work, but I'm the 'anonymous' commenter, aka the mom of a kid named Farty!

  15. messymimi- They are a funny little flock, these five.

    Denise- The chicken-love never ends.

    Lo- I know exactly what you mean. I am feeling it with Gibson, too.

  16. It's great! Glad that they are doing so well.


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