Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I am going for a walk and then I am going to town and going to Costco with Lily and Owen and Gibson and maybe, if Owen is in a good-boy mood, we might be going to lunch.

Yesterday I went to World Market to see if I could pick up any little thing for Lis's birthday which is tomorrow and I did, I found a few things, and also, I bought myself a completely ridiculous bag, a purse, I guess. I could put a dozen well-packed babies in that thing. It is a hippie bag, made in India, it has strips of different fabric and dangly-down things and the tag says, "Shell: 100% Miscellaneous Pieces of Undetermined Fiber Content," which I love.

Tomorrow I am going to get in my car with my new bag of 100% Miscellaneous Pieces of Undetermined Fiber Content and the little things for Lis and I am going to drive to Gator Bone for Lis's birthday and we are going to get pedicures and Lon is going to do our bidding, I hear.
I told Lis to tell him to get his cabana boy outfit drycleaned and she said he had already mentioned something about his loincloth.

I am going to make her a birthday cake.

I am going to spend the night.

I haven't done anything like this in so long. Gotten in a car and gone someplace by myself. I needed a new bag which is big enough to hold everything I might need, magazines and books and my pens and anxieties and credit card and debit card and so forth. A totem-bag.

I can. I will. I will be going tomorrow. I will come home on Thursday.

I am going to have a good time. I am going to leave behind chickens and babies and husband and garden. I am going to take myself and be with Lis for her birthday. I remember being with Lis when she turned forty- is this possible? We are much older than that now. When she turned forty, Mr. Moon drove Lon and Lis and me to the coast for supper in his convertible and Lis and I wore scarves and sunglasses and lipstick and Lon gave Lis pearls and we celebrated in style.

We had no idea how young we were.

We are never going to be any younger than we are right now.

I am going for a walk now. I am going to go to town. I am going to see my grandsons. I am going to be glad that this day is a day of my life, this crazy-cool day where the new pecan leaves look like green feathers against a blue sky. I am going to take my bag, I am going to show my Costco card to the guy at the entrance and I am going to shop with my daughter and I am going to be happy and I hope I get to carry that baby boy in my arms, a perfect bundle of baby, he weighs over ten pounds now.

Going. I am going now.



  1. Ms Moon I wish you a perfectly glorious time on your outing. I'm sorry you can't comment on yobobe, that has happened to me with your blog...and Angella's then it stopped so I hope it will work for you again soon.
    I'll light a candle to the internet gods.
    Kaleb now weighs over 20lbs and my poor back is feeling everyone of them.

  2. Oh, you will have a grand time on your adventure, carrying the things you need in your new bag. I know you will have love and laughter to carry you to the next visit.

    Your words and images they conjure make my heart ache a little, in a good way.


  3. Give that Liz girl a kiss for me and don't work Lon too hard. tell them I'll see them next week.

  4. Have fun!!
    And when you have time, show us a picture of the new bag :)

  5. Yo- I'll keep trying. Jeez. It is so frustrating not to be able to comment. I want to hold up my end of the conversation!
    And thank god kids grow at the rate they do and not any faster. I can still tote Owen on my hip although he is almost forty pounds. But not for long distances. I'll tell you that for sure. But you know, when he says, "Hold me," what can I do? I have to hold him.

    Mel- There WILL be love and laughter. You can bet on that one. Thanks, sugar.

    LeftyLopez- Hey Harvey! I will carry your message and we'll try to be kind to Lon. You KNOW how demanding Lis and I are. Hell. We might wear his wrist out, shaking those martinis for us.

    liv- For some reason, that bag is hard to photograph. I'll try, though. It's a hippie bag for sure.

  6. Gator Bone - I love the sound of a place like that. I've never been to Florida before. It sounds strangely exotic.
    I used to carry a large bag until I kept getting lost in it. For now, I have a clutch/wallet thing that I shove in my pockets and it doesn't fit and that's a whole new problem.

  7. What a grand time you will have with your girlfriend Mary. You may carry that new bag with "Shell: 100% Miscellaneous Pieces of Undetermined Fiber Content", (so funny!) but you will carry more than that with your laughter and smile.

    I haven't been shopping in too long...I should get over to World Market and walk the store over. It's always a fun place to see such interesting items. You can always come away with something that doesn't cost a fortune.

    Enjoy your day at Costco and most of all with the family.

  8. Sounds like fun and well deserved. We all need to take off by ourselves sometimes. And I think I need a bag of 100% undetermined fabric content.

  9. Have fun! Ten pounds! Almost a turkey! :)

    Your words are the second ones I've read today that have mentioned World Market. I need to take this call from the universe and go on down there myself...it's been nearly a month! ;0

  10. God that sounds nice-the riding in a convertible with scarves, sunglasses and your bestest friends to the coast.

    Love that image.

  11. ten pounder baby! I bet Lily's glad he wasn't, though :)

    I hope you leave your anxieties firmly zipped in your new fab bag and have a lovely time :)

  12. Hope your day has been wonderful so far. Kinda wondering if a 10-lb baby would fit in that bag.

  13. Marvelous and I gobbled this up.
    It's a little hard imagining how young we were, even harder to realize we'll soon think the same of ourselves on this very day - lipstick it up!

    love d

  14. Jeannie- I am thinking I really will.

    Rachel- I have gone back and forth between sizes of purses. I keep going back to big. This one is so big that it's not so hard to find things in the bottom. So far.

    Ellen- World Market has some cool stuff. It has some shit too, but whatever. You can find treasures for not much. You are right.

    Ellen Abbott- I'm betting most of these fibers are cotton. It's a nice bag.

    Elizabeth- Okay, sugar. I will.

    Chrissy- We must not ignore the SIGNS.

    Nicol- We had no idea how beautiful we were.

    Jo- There is a small zipper pocket. I'll do my best.

    Denise- More than one. Believe me. It's HUGE!

    Deirdre- I do love my lipstick. And you are exactly right. Love you, girl-so-far-away.

  15. Wait? Is it Gator Bone time already????

  16. I'm glad that you are going. It will lift your spirit to be with your friend and simply enjoy being without doing. Yep, I'm glad.


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