Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pictures From A Day

 Mr. Gibson Morty McChill Baby.

 Uncle Hank With Gibson

 Owen wearing a willow wreath.

 Owen with a beautiful pony at the Goodwill.

Owen figuring out what a real boy does with a beautiful pony at the Goodwill. He wrestles it to the ground.


  1. They are both such beautiful children Mary!!!

  2. He is becoming such a boyish boy. When did that happen? I see him change with every photograph. The little one has filled cheeks already. Two good and healthy babies!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    Looks like he was in a good boy mood. Hope there was lunch include!

  4. That photo of the Baby Gibson is outstanding (the rest are as well, but that one -- Lordie, Lordie, Lordie). That baby boy has known many lives, methinks.

  5. Rubye Jack- Well, I surely do think so. As I should.

    Jeannie- Yes.

    Photocat- They are growing exactly as they should.

    liv- Lunch was included. Uncle Hank joined us. We ate at a Mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio which was mostly empty so he could just run around and do stuff. Worked out great.

    Elizabeth- It's so exciting, getting to know this new boy. I think you are quite right. He looks so wise, doesn't he? He only cries if he's hungry. And then he sounds so pathetic as if he will NEVER GET TO EAT AGAIN when, in fact, there's probably never been a span of three minutes when he hasn't gotten what he wanted. What he needed. Both.

  6. I love the pictures of Owen and his boots and his wreath. And Gibson is so sweet looking. Beautiful grand babies you have there! It sounds like you had a great day! I'm happy for you. Joanne

  7. Joanne- Owen's a hoot, ain't he? And Gibson- ah. That baby boy.

  8. Suddenly Owen looks older than he is. His face seems less of the little boy and more of a growing boy.

    I say Giddy-up with that pony Owen!

  9. I love those boys. They feel like mine.

    XXX B

  10. Gibson does indeed have such a wise little face!

  11. Gibson is the contemplative one, the old soul in a baby's body. Owen is now exploring and being adventuresome. So interesting, these grandsons of yours.


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