Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Am Doing Today

Nothing. Not a thing until it is time to go and take care of Owen.
Okay. I made a breakfast, I ate it, I washed the dishes.
I do not want to sweat today. I do not want to beat myself up today. I do not want to add one tiny shred of guilt or bother or worry to my soul and I do not want to make my body do anything it does not want to do.
My soul and my body both need rest. I don't care what anyone says. I have tried to work this shit out with work and with teeth-gnashing and I'm done with that for now.

Time to just be loving to myself. Time to treat myself the way I would treat someone else.

Here is what my brother wrote to me last night:

Take 48 hours of doing nothing but feeling you have absolutely no obligations to this world And if a smile and laugh approaches....thank the universe. thats the natural way

I love him for that. I am going to listen to him.


  1. That's great! Why would you need to make excuses for it?

  2. Wise brother. And being around that boy will be it's own kind of healing!

  3. Kava! baby, get you some!

  4. Yes, yes and YES!

    It is not only OK to do nothing (except what you really want to do) is necessary. Tell your guilt to fuck off. Turn off the "do-good" machine.

    Just let yourself be.

    You deserve it.

  5. "Time to treat myself the way I would treat someone else." Ah, self-care at its finest. You DO deserve that. Kudos to you for recognizing it and listening to your body. Lord knows that isn't always easy to do.

    I hope your down time leaves your body, mind and soul feeling fresh and free.

  6. Now that is excellent!!! You go and enjoy that to bits! x

  7. Exactement. For some odd reason, I'm slipping into college French today. I had to restrain myself from titling my post today "The State of Affairs: Chez Nous" -- I hate French, too.

  8. Today I made plum jam.....delicious if a little heavy made the flat smell great too....the best thing I've ever done for my depression is see a homeopath. I take stuff now and then, when i feel I need to, if I remember....if I forget means I don't need it....don't know what I take but it seems to work....have not hit the bottom in the last 6 years!!

  9. I think I will listen to your brother too.

  10. I think those are sage words, and you certainly deserve the break!

  11. I need pot roast help, please...check your email.

  12. I hope someone cooks dinner for you is what I hope.

  13. I agree with your brother. I am doing nothing until Sunday when I come back to land and clean up the boat.


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