Monday, August 15, 2011

Bugs and Eggs And A Happy Boy

I wish I had great news to report. I wish I didn't feel like shit. But that fact is, that I do. I am now wondering if I didn't pick up some bug somewhere.
Mr. Moon is home, helping with Owen and thank god for that although work keeps calling and I keep swearing to him that I can take care of the boy myself. He is in heaven, that boy, with the tractor. He has already "driven" it several times and is as dirty as you can imagine. He has a dirt mustache. He and Bop are now on the boat in the garage. What more could a little boy ask?
Not much.

Okay. This is too boring for words. I am going to go lay down while I have the chance.

Oh! Big news: I saw Elvis top one of the new hens.

I am ready to start getting more eggs as Elvis is getting more fucking.

I am not sure how the hens feel about this.


  1. Feel better soon. I knew something was up when I woke up at the west coast crack of dawn and there was nothing from here to read.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Hope that you feel better. Too much work yesterday probably didn't help. Take it easy!

  3. Yay eggs! Yay dirt mustaches. Not-so-Yay feeling sick. Get well, Ms. Moon!

  4. Great artwork and the title + great writing style = makes your blog = Double Great! Keep Posting!!!

    Sign: DXF File

  5. Glad to hear that Elvis did the deed. Laugh. What a man!


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